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Plenary session: Accelerators for medical applications

M.F.Vorogushin, A.V.Stepanov (FSUE D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electro- physical Apparatus, St.petersburg, Russia)

REKORD - Regional System for the Radioactive Isotopes Diagnostics

The REKORD system is intended for the mass radioactive isotopes (MRI) diagnostics of the cardiological, oncological and neurological diseases, which determine the average value of in- habitants lifetime. The potentialities inherent in the MRI diagnostics enable a disease to be iden- tified at the early stage, which is very important for the successful treatment and gives consider- able social and economical effects. The system consists of a cyclotron with target systems to produce short-lived and ultra short-lived radionuclides, modules for radiopharmaceuticals syn- thesis systems built in protection boxes, tomographs for SPECT and PET, which are networked to the regional computer database. The system has no domestic analogues. The advantages over foreign analogues are the universality of the RECORD system and its autonomy, as the isotopes used for diagnostics are produced directly by this system. One sample of the equipment has been delivered to the Central Roentgen Radiological Institute in Pesochnaya and is under operation, excluding PET at the time being. The equipment has been designed and produced mainly in NIIEFA, which is granted the State License certifying the production of medical facilities and the International Quality Certificate. The delivery of the REKORD systems to the regions of the country will allow the problem of the clinical examination of the population of Russia on the modern level of medical diagnostic and information technologies to be successfully solved.

Prof. Mikhail Feofanovich Vorogushin: npkluts@niiefa.spb.su

V.N.Kononov, M.V.Bohovko, O.E.Kononov, B.I.Fursov (SSC RF Insttute for Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia)

Neutron therapy facility based on high current proton accelerator KG-2,5

In terms of activity directed to create therapeutic facility on high current cascade generator KG- 2,5 three accelerator based intensive neutron sources was investigated for neutron capture, fast and boost therapy. To make possible neutron capture therapy beam shaping assembly (BSA) was designed and manufactured. BSA transform neutron spectra from 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction in to epi- thermal energy neutrons with energy 1-10E4 eV. Mostly appropriate BSA materials and optimal BSA configuration was found as a results of computer simulations. Calculation results were veri- fied by direct neutrons spectra measurements by time-of-flight method. For fast neutron therapy proposed to use neutron source with energy 1-17 MeV. Special assembly for shielding and beam shaping was designed. It make possible to form neutron beams with various geometry, including narrow neutron beam which looks as analog of gamma-knife. Also possibility to perform com- bined neutron-electron therapy at one exposition was studied. Created facility is prototype of neutron therapeutic facility for maintaining at oncology clinic. Manufacturing series of such fa- cility will significantly increase area of neutrons usage in radiation oncology techniques.

Prof. Victor Nikolaevich Kononov: kononov@ippe.ru


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