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G.G.Voronin et al. (FSUE D.V. Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Appa- ratus, Russia)

Modernization of the NG-12I Neutron Generator

Neutron generator NG-12I apart from research into nuclear physics is used for nuclear therapy of cancer. Treatment of more than 300 patients was realized in the Nuclear Therapy Centre. Mod- ernization of the neutron generator was began in 2002 to increase capacity of the Neutron Ther- apy Complex. The main purpose of the modernization was ion beam current and life-time of the tritium target increasing. In 2004-2005 designed and manufactured equipment was installed, a test of neutron generator was carried out and treatment of patient has began once again

Gennady Georgievich Voronin: npkluts@niiefa.spb.su

O.Papash (Joint Institute Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia) Commercial cyclotrons for medical applications

Compact isochronous cyclotrons to accelerate negative Hydrogen ions up to 30 MeV are widely used for the production of medical isotopes. Physical and technical parameters of accelerators are estimated. Different types of commercially available cyclotrons are being compared. Design of high current (3mA of H- beam) compact cyclotron could be based on well-established techni- cal solutions and commercial subsystems.

Dr. Oleksandr Ivanovich Papash: papash@jinr.ru

Yu.G.Alenitsky, S.B.Vorozhtsov, A.S.Vorozhtsov, A.A.Glazov, N.L.Zaplatin, S.A.Kostromin, G.A.Karamisheva, L.M.Onischenko (Joint Institute Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia)

Specialized cyclotron for proton therapy application

Dubna scientific medicine center is under development since 1967 on the base of the proton beam of LNP JINR Phazotron. Proton beam with energy ~170 MeV and intensity I~0.1 mkA is used for patients irradiation. Proposal of creating of the cyclotron with the same beam charac- teristics was reported earlier at the conferences RUPAC04, ICAA05 and printed in different magazines. The development of this project was considered in this paper. Behavior of different types of magnet yoke was studied by computer modeling and optimal form of the yoke was cho- sen taking into account the cost of elements manufacturing and assembling of the electromagnet. The ability of optimal combination of the magnet yoke, HF and extraction systems of the cyclo- tron taking into account the dynamics of the proton beam in calculated magnetic and accelerating

field is under discussion.

Dr. Yury Alenitsky: alen@nusun.jinr.ru


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