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    A.Kovalev, V.V.Krayushkin, V.P.Laricheva, V.P.Pleshanov, V.G.Ostapets, A.A.Stuk,

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    P.Chelnakov (Branch of FSUE "Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry", Obninsk, Russia)

Radiation technology facilities based on electron beam accelerators at the branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) "Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry": manufactured products and promising developments.

At present five EB accelerator-based technological facilities are operated at the Karpov Institute to solve the following tasks: manufacture of various commercial products (foamed polyethylene, pipeline insulation, pipe products for electrical engineering, composite materials), scientific re- search and development of promising radiation-chemical technologies.

Dr. Vladimir Vasillyevich Krayushkin: fci58@mail.ru, krayushkin@obninsk.ru

Yu.Belchenko, A.Burdakov, V.Davydenko, V.Dolgushin, A.Dranichnikov, A.Ivanov,

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    Khilchenko, V.Kobets, S.Konstantinov, A.Krivenko, A.Kudryavtsev, M.Tiunov, V.Savkin,

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    Shirokov, I.Sorokin, (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia); J.P.Farrell

Status of BINP proton tandem-accelerator for explosive detection by NRA method and for boron neutron-capture therapy.

Status of original 2.0 MeV, 10 mA proton tandem-accelerator with vacuum insulation is pre- sented. The accelerator is intended to be used in facilities generating resonance gamma rays for explosives detection and epithermal neutrons for boron neutron-capture therapy of brain tumors. Steady-state sectioned rectifier from industrial ELV-type electron accelerator is used as a high voltage source for the accelerator. A dc high-current negative ion source has been developed for injection into the tandem. In the tandem accelerator there is set of nested potential electrodes with openings which form a channel for accelerated negative ion beam and subsequently for pro- ton beam after stripping gas target. The electrodes are fixed on a high voltage feedthrough insu- lator though which required potentials are applied to them from the rectifier by means of resistor voltage divider. In the paper the first experimental results obtained with vacuum insulated tan- dem accelerator are also given. Keywords: vacuum insulation tandem accelerator, gamma reso- nance absorption, boron neutron capture therapy.

Dr. Valery Vasilievich Shirokov: V.V.Shirokov@inp.nsk.su


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