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D.E.Berkaev, Yu.M.Shatunov, I.A.Koop, A.P.Lysenko, V.V.Druzhinin, P.Yu.Shatunov, Yu.A.Rogovsky, A.N.Kyrpotin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Control System of VEPP-2000 Collider (software, hardware)

Electron-positron collider VEPP-2000 is under commissioning at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. The paper presents architecture, implementation and functionality of the software of the collider control system. The software according to hardware system consists of interacting sub- systems responding on different acceleration facility parts. Control system software is based on several TCP/IP connected PC platforms working under operating system Linux and uses client- server techniques. The paper describes implementation, operating possibilities and perspectives of VEPP-2000 software. The paper also presents structure, architecture and implementation of the hardware of the col- lider control system. The system consists of pulse-elements, steering coils power supplies, high- current main field power supply, RF subsystems and some other special subsystems (such as vacuum, temperature, etc. control subsystems). The system is based on modern industrial proto- col CAN-bus and specialized electronic BINP manufactured blocks according the standard. The paper describes implementation of different subsystems based on CANbus devices, and operat- ing characteristics and possibilities.

Dmitry Evgenevich Berkaev: D.E.Berkaev@inp.nsk.su

  • A.

    Batrakov, P.Vobly, S.Zverev, I.Ilyin, V.Kozak, E.Kuper, V.Mamkin V.Ovchar, G.Fatkin,

  • V.

    Tsukanov, A.Volkov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

The new VME-based system for magnetic measurements with Hall sensors

In BINP for creation of measuring systems with Hall sensors CAMAC - electronics were used many years. This system had good parameters and successfully used for measurements of mag- nets produced in BINP as for installations of VEPP-family as for foreign facilities: LHC (CERN), SLS (Switzerland), BESSY (Germany), SAGA (Japan). Hardware deterioration and MS DOS application of previous system demanded to design a new electronics and modern software. The paper describes the new VME-based system and MS Windows application devel- oped for replacement of old system. The system hardware consists of VME crate controller, VME - RS-232 interface, VME - CAN interface and three specialized units: Hall-Sensor ana- logue Interface (VMEHSI), precision ADC (VMEADC16) and Hall carriage Thermo Stabilizer (HTS), fabricated in Budker INP. Resolution of measuring devices is less than 1uV and stability is better than 10-5. Software of the Hall-sensor measuring system consists of embedded part, which operates on VME-controller under the mcLinux operational system, and user's high-level software "WinHall", which is a MS Windows application with user-friendly graphical interface. The features of new system and practice results are reported.

Dr. Alexander Batrakov: batrakov@inp.nsk.su


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