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    10. Y.V.Korotaev, I.N.Meshkov, V.N.Pavlov, A.U.Rudakov, A.O.Sidorin, P.I. Shmidkov,

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      L.Yakovenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia) Generation and accumulation of low energy positrons The cryogenic source of low energy positrons based on the 22Na isotope had been de- signed at JINR. A Solid neon as moderator has allowed to form slow positron beam at en- ergy 1,2 eV and width of the spectrum 1 eV. Such positrons are accumulated after in the Penning-Malmberg trap. Description of the installation and experimental results are pre- sented in this paper. This work is supported by RFBR grant # 05-02-16320 Sergey Leonidovich Yakovenko: yakoven@jinr.ru

P.11. I.Meshkov, R.Pivin, A.Sidorin, A.Smirnov, G.Trubnikov (Joint Institute Nuclear Re- search, Dubna, Russia)

Beam dynamics in storage rings simulation. BETACOOL code.

BETACOOL program developed by JINR electron cooling group is a kit of algorithms based on common format of input and output files. The program is oriented to simulation of the ion beam dynamics in a storage ring in presence of cooling and heating effects. The version presented in this report includes three basic algorithms: simulation of r.m.s. pa- rameters of the ion distribution function evolution in time, simulation of the distribution function evolution using Monte-Carlo method and tracking algorithm based on molecular dynamics technique. General processes to be investigated with the program are intrabeam scattering in the ion beam, electron cooling, interaction with residual gas and internal tar- get.

Dr. Grigory Vladimirovich Trubnikov: trubnikov@jinr.ru


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