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Poster session: Accelerating structures and high-power electronics

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    12. V.Vogel, Yo.Ho Chin, Sh.Matsumoto, Sh.Takomoto, M.Akemoto (High Energy Accel- erator Researcher Organization (KEK), Tsukuba, Ibaraki (V. Vogel since August 2005 at DESY, Germany)); V.Revkov, D.Valyaev, U.Valyaev, A.Fogel (Branch of Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP), Protvino, Russia); E.Kokin, A.Volkov, A.Cherepenko (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia); A.Malenkov (Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Protvino, Russia) IGBT MODOLATOR FOR X-BAND KLYSTRONS The Solid State Induction type modulator was developed at KEK for the JLC project. This modulator was design for tunnel installation. The modulator consist from two oil-filled tanks, the first is for two klystrons and the second for pulse transformer. The pulse trans- former consist from 42 core made from Finmet3 material, each core is drive by voltage

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      kV by two IGBT plates in parallel, one of them has core reset circuits. The total num- ber of IGBT plates is 84. Each core has one turn at primary and transformer has four turns for secondary. This modulator can drive: short up to 1.6 microsecond, high voltage up to 500 kV pulse with current up to 540 A for two X-band 75 MW klystrons. The pulse top flatness is 2%. The expected modulator efficiency is about 75%. The step one of the modulator test was done in the summer of 2005, 300 kV of output voltage and full current at 1 pps was achieved.

Dr. Vladimir Foguel: vladimir.vogel@desy.de

P.13. V.V.Repkov, S.S.Vasichev, V.F.Veremeenko (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Bidirectional Precision Current Source for Superconducting Solenoids.

This paper describes a precision bidirectional current source VCH-300-10 designed for supplying superconducting solenoids. This device has the following parameters: - output current -300 0 +300A, - output voltage -10 0 +10V, - current long-term stability 0,005%, - power grid harmonics ripple level no more than 10mV. This device has both manual and PS control. PS control uses RS-232 and USB interfaces.

Dr. Vladimir Fedorovich Veremeenko: veremeenko@inp.nsk.su


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