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P.16. P.Avrakhov (Physical Technical Central of Lebedev Physical Institute, Protvino, Russia)

Traveling Wave Accelerating Structure for a Superconducting Accelera- tor.

Pavel Vitalievich Avrakhov: avrakhov@vlepp.serpukhov.su

P.17. I.I.Averbukh (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Accelerating cavities with amorphous iron

Some questions of the application of amorphous iron in accelerating cavities for proton and ion synchrotrons are considered. The comparison with devices based on ferrites is given and some description of existing working devices are given also.

Dr. Iosif Ilyich Averbukh: I.I.Averboukh@inp.nsk.su

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    18. G.N.Ostreiko, K.N.Chernov, V.N.Korchuganov, G.V.Kuznetsov, I.G.Makarov,

    • S.

      I.Ruvinsky, G.V.Serdobintsev, V.V.Tarnetsky, M.A.Tiunov (Budker Institute of Nu- clear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Electron Injector for Linear Accelerator of TNK Facility The paper presents the electron injector for the linear accelerator of TNK facility (Zeleno- grad). The injector has rather simple design because of realized injection scheme with no prebunching. The beam is divided into bunches directly by the accelerating RF field of the linear accelerator. The injector block diagram is presented, the process of electron beam bunching and acceleration is described.

Dr. Gennady Nikolaevich Ostreiko: ostreiko@inp.nsk.su

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    19. K.Chernov, A.Frolov, Ye.Gusev, N.Kot, S.Krutikhin, I.Kuptsov, G.Kurkin, I.Makarov,

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      Matyash, L.Mironenko, S.Motygin, V.Osipov, G.Ostreiko, V.Petrov, A.Popov,

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      Rotov, I.Sedlyarov, G.Serdobintsev, A.Shteinke, V.Tarnetsky, V.Volkov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Startup of RF System for VEPP-5 Booster Ring RF system for VEPP-5 booster ring has been created at Budker INP. It operates at 700 MHz and consists of the RF power source based on KU-393 klystron, waveguide section with wave-to-coax transitions, accelerating cavity, and control system. The cavity higher order modes are damped by resistive loads to eliminate the beam instability. Results of the cavity cold tests and RF system high power level tests are presented. Konstantin Nikolaevich Chernov: K.N.Chernov@inp.nsk.su


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