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Poster session: Control and diagnostic systems

P.28. V.R.Mamkin, P.A.Selivanov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Can bus gateway for data acquisition and control

The new controller, used for CAN bus based automation, is described. Controller (CANGW) is developed in the BINP and wide used for data acquisition and power sources control. The main features of CANGW are: Linux 2.4 kernel, available SDK, Ethernet and CAN interfaces.

Vitaly Rudolfovich Mamkin: v.r.mamkin@inp.nsk.su

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    29. E.N.Dementyev, V.R.Kozak, E.A.Kuper, A.S.Medvedko, A.D.Oreshkov, A.V.Ovchar,

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      V.Salikova, P.A.Selivanov, S.S.Serednyakov, E.N.Shubin, S.V.Tararyshkin,

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      A.Vinokurov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) The architecture and basic hardware components of FEL control system In this article the architecture of control system of Free Electron Laser for the Siberian Center for photochemical research is presented. The basic structure of whole control sys- tem and the basic hardware components of individual subsystems are described. Also the hardware interfaces and main types of control devises, used for connection and control are shortly described. The main features of each subsystem and of whole control system are enumerated. Also the main features of control software are described. Dr. Stanislav Sergeevich Serednyakov: S.S.Serednyakov@inp.nsk.su

P.30. M.G.Fedotov, A.N.Selivanov, S.M.Pischenuk (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, No- vosibirsk, Russia)

Progressive-scan digital television camera for the particle beam monitor- ing.

New version of progressive-scan digital television camera on the basis of Fast Ethernet interface was developed. Camera is intended for the measurement of position and parame- ters of particle beams in the VEPP-4 and VEPP-2000 storage rings by the using of syn- chrotron radiation. In the report the structure, key parameters and some features of the new camera are described. The assumed directions of further camera modification and the corresponding schemes of its application in the physical experiment are discussed too.

Dr. Mihail Gennadievich Fedotov: mihailru@mail.ru


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