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P.34. Cherepanov V.P. (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Video Pulse Power Amplifier for Accelerator Technology Applications.

Video pulse power amplifier for VEPP-4M storage ring vertical betatron oscillations damping system is designed. Low level signal band of the amplifier is 0.5-50MHz, im- pulse power is 400W. The amplifier is fulfilled in standard "Cherry", width of module is 80mm. In sight the amplifier will find application in betatron frequencies measurement systems of accelerators and storage rings and as preamplifier in RF systems of heavy par- ticles beams accelerators. In the report the amplifier parameters and base elements are de- scribed. At present time one of the amplifier prototype is used in beam spin resonant de- polarization system on storage ring VEPP-4M. Design documentation for production of small set of the amplifiers is prepared.

Dr. Vladimir Petrovich Cherepanov: V.P.Cherepanov@inp.nsk.su

P.35. A.Batrakov, P.Vagin, D.Shichkov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Hardware and software for precise magnetic measurements with moving coils

The method of magnetic measurement with the help of moving coils is the most important measurement method for particle accelerator magnets. Although this oldest of the cur- rently used method have remained unchanged for a very long time, the electronic equip- ment and software have been subjects to continual development and improvement. Report describes a new set of specialized electronic modules intended for measurement with moving coil. This set includes Integrator with Digital Output (Digital Flux meter) and Low Noise Zero Drift preamplifier. The principles of operation and main characteristics of these devices are discussed. A few systems, based on described equipment, are built up during last two years. These systems used different coil configuration: rotating coils, flip- flop coils, stretched wire. Parameters of systems are reported. Finally, the description of software, developed for moving coil measuring systems is presented.

Pavel Valer'evich Vagin: pv@gorodok.net


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