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P.52. A.N.Kyrpotin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Measurement of beam oscillations spectrum in BEP.

The system for measurement beam betatron oscillations in BEP booster (VEPP-2000 col- lider complex) is described. At the time of injection when beam oscillations are excited, the system collects array of amplitudes of the impulses induced by flying bunch on each turn. These amplitudes depend on position of the beam and are modulated by betatron os- cillations which spectrum is accessible after corresponding processing. The system works with frequency of injection cycle, about once a second, and allows to measure betatron tunes "in fly" during magnetic structure reconfiguration.

Alexander Kyrpotin: kyrpotin@inp.nsk.su

P.53. E.Bekhtenev, E.Dementev, A.Frolov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Beam Position system for collider VEPP-2000 and VEPP-5 dumping ring

A beam position measurement (BPM) system for VEPP-5 dumping ring and VEPP-2000 has been developed in BINP. The electrostatic pickup is used for beam position measur- ing, 4 in VEPP-2000 and 16 in VEPP-5 dumping ring, and electronics is same. BPM sys- tem is able to measure the position of each of 1-4 bunches at every turn for beam current range 1-100mA. Diameter vacuum chamber is 40mm. The resolution of measurement of the single bunch is about 100 microns for beam current of 10mA. It is possible the aver- age up to 32000 revolution. The features of system design, the main parameters and re- sults obtained in VEPP-5 dumping ring are presented.

Evgeny Bekhtenev: e.a.bekhtenev@inp.nsk.su

P.54. A.I.Kvasha, Yu.V.Kisselev, A.S.Kovalishin, V.S.Kopin, V.N.Fokin, D.V.Hlustin (Insti- tute for Nuclear Research RAS, Moscow, Russia)

Simulation of INR RAS DTL frequency stabilization system

Theoretical modeling by means of Matlab Simulink program and experimental investiga- tion of heat processes in the INR Linac drift tube tanks allow studying influence of these processes at the tank resonance frequency and creating of the frequency control system model. At that, the main attention is paid to accordance of modeling results and processes in the real systems. In turn, creation of control frequency system model gives a possibility to optimize the structure and parameters of the control system, stabilizing tank resonance frequency, and increase the accelerator operation efficiency.

Denis Vladimirovich Hlustin: dissertacia010420@rambler.ru


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