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P.76. Dmitry Shvedov, Oleg Anchugov, Yury Matveev (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

High-voltage nanosecond generators system for injections - extraction kickers of FEL complex DUKE University

Booster-synchrotron of the maximum energy of 1.2 GeV has been created to increase the current in the Storage Ring electron bunches. The Storage Ring is expected the operating modes of 2, 4 and 8 bunches. The booster will be used to accelerate 19 electron bunches with the possibility of their extraction in SR FEL at the frequency of 25 Hz. This system allows to inject the bunch from linear accelerator into the booster with the minimal loss of particles and then to realize bunch-by-bunch extraction into the main ring in the energy range of 250 MeV-1.2 GeV.

Dmitry Aleksandrovich Shvedov: shvedov@inp.nsk.su

P.77. V.I.Davydenko, A.S.Krivenko, N.E.Popova (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, No- vosibirsk, Russia)

Experimental study of the stripping target with differential pumping for 10 mA, 1.25 MeV ion beam.

An electrostatic tandem-accelerator with 2.5 MeV 10 mA proton beam is under develop- ment at BINP. One of the accelerator important parts is a target that converts the half en- ergy accelerated negative hydrogen ions into the proton beam. To reduce argon flux from the target to accelerator gaps a gas recirculation by turbomolecular pump installed in high voltage electrode is provided. To study the argon recirculation and the plasma production in the stripping cell an experimental test stand is prepared. Results of experimental model- ing of differential pumping with different length of tubes for ion beam pass are presented. Ionization of the target by 500 eV electrons is studied by injecting a corresponding elec- tron beam.

Aleksandr Sergeevich Krivenko: krivenko@inp.nsk.su

P.78. A.M.Bertyaev, N.N.Alexeev,V.I.Nikolaev, V.A.Schegolev (ITEP, Moscow, Russia) Lambertson septum magnet for the U-10 ring slow extraction system

The ITEP 10 GeV proton synchrotron U-10 is upgraded for acceleration of ions to be util- ized in experiments using fast extraction and internal target technique that in operation now. The slow extraction system based on the sextupole resonance in vertical plane with ejection trajectory deflection in horizontal direction using Lambertson type septum mag- net is under construction. Optimization of the magnet construction has been performed to make a septum as thin as possible with maximum magnetic field in deflection gap and minimum fringe field in the orbit vicinity solving also the problems of high vacuum envi- ronment and moving off dissipated power. Results of the magnet construction optimiza- tion are presented.

Alexandr Mihailovich Bertyaev: Bertyai@inbox.ru


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