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P.81. S.Minaev, O.Sergeeva, Vl.Skachkov (SSC of Russian Federation Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow), A.Lombardi, E.Sargsyan, D.Cornuet, W.Venturini (CERN, Geneva), Vic.Skachkov (NPI at MSU, Moscow).

Permanent magnet quadrupole for the 1-st tank of LINAC-4

Rare-earth 60 mm diameter, 45 mm long quadrupole for the LINAC-4 focusing channel on the integrated gradient of 2.3 T is described. The thin side washers are used for tuning the quad into specified gradient integral with 0.5 % accuracy. The single washer contribu- tion calculations are discussed. A method of the magnetic axis offset in the REPM quad decreasing down to 30 mm is discussed to exclude its compensation by the outer diameter machining before inserting into the drift tube. Nonlinearity of the field is less than 1 % in the reference range of 75% of beam aperture at the central cross-section near the quad axis. The angular quadrupole arrangement in the drift tube will be provided by machining the main groove on the quad surface in the median plane with 1 mrad accuracy. Calcula- tions of the longitudinal gradient distribution between two closer quadrupoles showed that some percents should be added to the nominal gradient in the beginning of the LINAC-4 focusing channel because of partial field compensation.

Vladimir Sergeevich Skachkov: skachkov@itep.ru

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    82. I.A.Gusev, A.S.Medvedko, A.Yu.Protopopov, D.N.Pureskin, D.V.Senkov, Yu.F.Tokarev,

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      D.Yudin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) High-voltage source with output voltage up to 60 kV with power up to 15 kW

The presented report contains the description of a high-voltage source with output voltage up to 60 kV with power up to 15 kW. The source consist of the converter whit IGBT switches, working with a principle of pulse-width modulation on 20 kHz frequency, and high voltage sectioned transformer with the rectifier. The schematic configuration and the optimal matching of the rectifier to the load has allowed minimizing the energy stored at the reactive components of the high-voltage stage at the level less than 15 J for 60 kV op- eration. The design of the high-voltage transformer provides preservation of working ca- pacity at voltage up to 100 kV. A nominal output voltage of the source is 60 kV. The effi- ciency of system is more than 80% at the nominally output power. The controller of the source is developed with DSP and PLM, which allows optimizing operations of the source. For control of the source serial CAN-interface is used. The description of the source and the test results are presented.

Dmitriy Valentinovich Senkov: davis@gorodok.net


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