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P.85. M.M.Basko, A.A.Drozdovsky, A.A.Golubev, A.Kancerev, A.E.Kochyaryan, Yu.B.Novojilov, B.Yu.Sharkov, V.B.Shvachkin (Moscow institute of physics and tech- nology, Moscow, Russia), A.P.Kuznethcov, V.V.Yanenko (Institute for theoretical and experimental physics, Moscow,Russia), D.A.Sobur (Moscow engineering and physics in- stitute, Moscow, Russia)

Investigation of the plasma lens for heavy ion accelerator ITEP –TWAC

The problem of transportation and focusing of an intense heavy-ions beam is an important issue for heavy ion beam-driven inertial confinement fusion and for investigation of high energy densities (HED) in matter produced by heavy ion beam. A plasma lens application has a number of essential advantages in comparison with traditional focusing system on a quadruple lenses basic [1]. Description of the plasma lens with the maximum of the cur- rent discharge in 250 kA for HED research on the heavy ion accelerator-accumulated fa- cility TWAC-ITEP is presented [2]. The minimum beam spot size on a target which will get by using this plasma lens is 300 mm for 300MeV/u ion energy and the beam emittance 40 mm·mrad. The investigation of plasma discharge dynamic and a plasma parameters diagnostic in temporal and spatial resolution are reported. References [1] E. Boggasch, B. Heimrich, D.H.H. Hoffmann, Nucl. Instr.Meth.336 (1993), p.438-41. [2] B.Yu. Sharkov et al., Nucl. Instr.Meth. A464 (2001), p.1-5.

Dr. Alexandr Andreevich Drozdovsky: drozdovsky@itep.ru

P.86. V.V.Anashin, A.A.Krasnov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Experiments with TiZrV non-evaporated getter at BINP.

The aim of the presentation is a summary of Synchrotron Radiation experiments made at BINP (Novosibirsk, Russia) in 90K - 300K temperature range with TiZrV coated vacuum chambers. The sensitivity of applied method, the problem with scattered photons and pho- toelectrons, photon stimulated desorption, cleaning and pumping is under detailed discus- sion. The presentation includes the first results of XRF, XRD, EXAFS, SEY experiments and future proposed investigations.

Alexandr Anatolevich Krasnov: a.a.krasnov@inp.nsk.su


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