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P.97. Vasily Kvardakov, Evgeny Levichev (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Nonlinear Characteristics of the TME Cell

The TME (Theoretical Minimum Emittance) cell is being used now for designing the lat- tice of different storage rings (SR sources, damping rings, FFAG accelerators, etc.). Strong sextupoles required to correct the natural chromaticity of the lattice reduce the dy- namic aperture. In the paper we consider the main features of the nonlinear perturbation strength and its connection with the essential lattice parameters: horizontal emittance, be- tatron tunes, and natural chromaticity. The analytical results are compared with the com- puter simulation.

Vasily Arkadievich Kvardakov: v.a.kvardakov@inp.nsk.su

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    98. M.I.Ayzatskiy, A.N.Dovbnya, V.A.Kushnir, V.V.Mytrochenko, A.N.Opanasenko,

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      A.Perezhogin, V.F.Zhiglo (National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physic and Technology", Kharkov, Ukraine) Injector of electron linac for NESTOR storage ring Design of the compact S-band injector and results of simulation of particle dynamics are presented in the report. The injector consists of the low-voltage diode electron gun and a bunching system based on the resonant system with the evanescent oscillations. RF field increases in amplitude along the axis in such bunching system. RF power is supplied to the injector through a coaxial coupler. The injector can be supplied with two types of the guns: 25 kV, 250 mA and 25 kV, 1.5 A. The first gun will provide the linac with the elec- tron beam in a long pulse regime (1500 ns) while the second one will be used in a short pulse regime (40 ns). The resonance system of the injector has been optimized to obtain the electron bunches with energy about 1 MeV, phase length less than 20° and energy spread less than 5% (for 70 % particles) at the linac entrance. The coaxial coupler allows applying the solenoid magnetic field along the bunching system. Influence of magnetic field configuration on beam parameters is described.

Prof. Volodymyr Abramovich Kushnir: kushnir@kipt.kharkov.ua

P.99. Victor Smaluk (BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk), Dieter Einfeld (ALBA, Bellaterra, Spain) Impedance Estimation for the ALBA Storage Ring

In the framework of the Spanish Light Source CELLS project, an analysis of coupling impedance of the ALBA storage ring has been carried out. Broad-band impedance has been evaluated using the MAFIA code and analytical formulae, for various components of the ALBA vacuum chamber, such as cross section transitions, bellows, button-electrodes, strip-lines, high-order modes of RF cavities, etc.

Dr. Victor Smaluk smaluk@inp.nsk.su


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