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P.102. K.V.Lotov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Acceleration of positrons by electron beam-driven wakefield in a plasma

Wakefield acceleration of positron beams in electron beam-driven nonlinear plasma wave is analyzed. Three effects are analyzed which complicate positron acceleration as com- pared to electron acceleration: trapping of plasma electrons by the plasma wave, narrow interval of the focusing phase of the wave, and wave distortion due to beam loading.

Dr. Konstantin Lotov: K.V.Lotov@inp.nsk.su

Poster session: Radiation problem in accelerators

P.103. V.G.Barkova, A.V.Kiselev, V.J.Chudaev (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosi- birsk, Russia)

Evaluation of efficiency of concrete shielding against bremsstrahlung of 5.0 MeV electrons for adjustment works with the ILU-10 accelerator.

The article presents rated data for analysis of efficiency of concrete shielding against slant penetration of bremsstrahlung of 5.0 MeV electrons with due account of the angle-energy distributions of radiation from targets. Initial angle-energy distributions for aluminum, iron and tungsten targets have been obtained by direct Monte-Carlo simulation of interac- tions with the help of the program SCIN_PC. Then the value of air kerma was computed analytically and kerma attenuation by concrete shielding was estimated with application of available reference information. Kerma values at checkpoints behind the concrete shielding of the existing bench, which is intended mainly for electron accelerators of smaller energy, have been estimated. Bench operating restrictions for adjustment works with the ILU-10 accelerator have been formulated.

Dr. Alexander Kiselev: A.V.Kiselev@inp.nsk.su


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