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P.104. Y.N.Adischev, V.I.Bespalov,

.V.Vukolov, A.P.Potylitsyn,

.P.Artemov (Tomsk

Polytechnik University, Tomsk, Russia), institute SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia)

.V.Afanasiev (High-current electronics

The Dose Field of Nanosecond Pulse Source of Bremsstrahlung X-Ray Radiation.

The dose field map of the nanosecond accelerator on the basis of the vacuum diode sup- plied by the high-voltage nanosecond generator with the coaxial forming line combined with the transformer has been measured. The high-current electric beam created by the “blade” metallodielectric cathode has been measured too. The accelerated electrons at the collector from the stainless steel 1mm in thickness have generated the bremsstrahlung ra- diation. The dose field map has been taken by the dosimeter - 01 on the basis of the diamond detector in the median acceleration plane. The bremsstrahlung radiation beam divergence has left 62°. It has been shown that the maximum dose is 16 cGrey/s at the dis- tance of 10 cm from the collector, then it falls down proportionally to the square of dis-

tance to the level less than 0.1 cGrey/s at the distance of 1 m. Literature

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Yuri Nikolaevich Adischev: Luka@interact.phtd.tpu.edu.ru

Poster session: Accelerators for medical and industrial purposes

P.105. V.G. Abdul'manov, V.L. Auslender, F.A. Emanov, A.D. Panfilov, V.S. Podobaev, B.L. Faktorovich (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Linear ion accelerator ILU-9

The pulse RF ion linear accelerator of ILU-9-type is described. The accelerator is in- tended to use for various radiation-technological processes and investigations. The pa- rameters of the accelerator and the ion beam measured during the tuning are given. The main parameters of the accelerator are: energy of accelerated protons 2.9 or 5 (with addi- tional accelerating section) MeV, energy of accelerated deutons 5.8 or 10 MeV with en- ergy 5 MeV per nucleon, average current of accelerated ions up to 100 µA. Pulse operat- ing mode as following: pulse duration-500 s, maximum pulse repetition- 50 Hz. The fre- quency of accelerator resonator is 43 MHz. Also data of carbon ions C12+4 acceleration probability are given.

Dr. Alexander Dmitrievich Panfilov: A.D.Panfilov@inp.nsk.su


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