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Writing Assignments

Most weeks you will turn in a brief written summary of and reaction to the reading assignments. Summaries/reactions may not exceed 900 words for all the material that week. There is no minimum word count, but you will probably need at least about 500 to 600 words for a coherent statement. Weekly assignments are due by MIDNIGHT, Monday night/Tuesday morning, every week. Writing assignments will not be accepted after the due date. You will turn in your writing assignments via email to wsuanth468@gmail.com. DO NOT send your work as attachments; paste them into the body of the message. DO NOT email your writing assignments to my rquinlan address!! Include your name, and week number in the subject line of the email. For example, “Subject: Bill Smith, ANTH 468 week 1. Writing assignments will be graded 0= nothing, 1=poor quality, 2= meets expectations, 3=exceeds expectations. “Exceeds expectations” is extra-credit for the writing assignment. You may receive half points.


Your grade is not based on attendance, but you will not do well in this course if you do not attend class. I will take attendance periodically. If you have perfect attendance you may receive additional credit (if you are on the boarder of a higher grade), but no points will be subtracted for less than perfect attendance. Again, if you regularly miss class, then expect a low grade.

Website & Email

This syllabus and other handouts are available on the course webpage. You can link to the webpage through my website: http://www.wsu.edu/~rquinlan/. I will communicate to the entire class via email through RONet. You MUST have an email account registered with WSU or you will miss important announcements. Maintaining an email account registered with WSU and checking your email is part of the requirements for this course. If you lose points because you do not have an account registered with the university or because you did not check your email, then IT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

Study Tips If you do the following things, you will learn a lot about humans and get a good grade in this course:

  • Keep track of readings and exam dates.

  • Come to class.

  • Do the readings and check your email.

  • Take lots of notes of anything I write on the board, the overhead or computer screen.

  • Study your notes periodically (once or twice each week). Cramming is unpleasant and ineffective.

Contacting Professor Quinlan

If you want to contact me, either drop by my office during office hours, call or send email. Do NOT leave voice mail messages. I often have several hundred students and I cannot return your call. However, I will answer email as soon as possible provided that you follow these guidelines: Make sure to use proper grammar, punctuation and etiquette when writing to me. Also I will not answer email requesting information that is on this syllabus or that I have given you in class. In general one should always think carefully about the content of a message before sending it – how might it be perceived by the recipient etc. My email address is rquinlan@wsu.edu. Do not send your writing assignments to my (rquinlan) email address.

Changes to the Syllabus

I may change the order, content or grade values for this course as I see fit. Be assured that no change will adversely influence your grade in this course.

Anth 468, Quinlan

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