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Customer Testimonials

Customer Name: Brian N, Huntington Beach Car: 996 911 3.6 Testimonial added: Feb 21 2004 Customer Comments: "here is the skinny. I have a 2003 C4S with GT2 coil over suspension, cargraphic rims and header kit on it. I put the chip in it and this car screams!! I took it to my Porsche dealer and let them drive it, and the head mechanic said he would rather have my car over a Turbo, that the power and the handling were straight off one of their track cars.

Powerchip kicks ass!! I love it."

Customer Name: Stephen S, Charlotte Car: 996 911 3.6 Testimonial added: Jan 7 2004 Customer Comments: "I was a little worried about removing the ECU and sending it off to someone across the country that I didn't know, but it was absolutley painless. I shipped it on Monday and was driving again on Wednesday morning. Great response through all gears! What a blast to feel the way this vehicle is meant to drive. The most fun I've ever had with my clothes on!"

Customer Name: Patrick K, Trumbull Car: 996 911 3.6 Testimonial added: Aug 28 2004 Customer Comments:

"Lots of people told me that chipping the 3.6L engine will yield no gain. Some said that I might feel a difference the first day but then none after a week since the gains in power and torque are meaningless. Well, I have now put on 1000 miles, a month of commuting, and two DE track days on my 2002 996 3.6 and I am quite pleased with my purchase. First, the car's normal day-to-day driveability is unchanged. Second, throttle response is much snappier especially at low and mid-RPM's. On the track, a 996 3.6L X51 didn't gain an inch on me on the straightaway. And he paid $ 13K for his 25HP. Courteous and professional service. This is truth in advertising. Well done."

Customer Name: rob c, Los Angeles Car: Cayenne S 4.5 V8 Testimonial added: Aug 5 2003 Customer Comments: "Without the chip, my car felt sluggish and unresponsive. I first thought it was a problem with the vehicle, and I had bought a lemmon :(

After the chip was installed I drove up my street and could not believe the extra power available to me. I didnt even have to drive the car hard to notice it either. My wife says it sounds like a V8 now too (before it was too quiet to notice).

For anyone with a Cayenne, if you want to make the best SUV in the world even better, just fit the Powerchip."

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