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Guide to Calculating Mobility Management Benefits Victoria Transport Policy Institute

TC (2009), Canadian Guidelines for the Measurement of Transportation Demand Management Initiatives User's Guide, Transport Canada (www.tc.gc.ca); at www.tc.gc.ca/eng/programs/environment- urban-guidelines-practitioners-tdmguide2009-menu-1657.htm.

Transport Analysis Guidance Website (www.webtag.org.uk) sponsored by the UK Department for Transport, provides advice on the modeling and economic evaluation of transport programs.

Transportation and The Economy, Club of Jules Dupuit, University of Montreal (www.ajd.umontreal.ca/Frames/Frametransport/transportation/frametransportation.htm). This website, inspired by the 18th Century engineer/economist Jules Dupuit, provides information on methods of quantifying transportation impacts, particularly economic benefits.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Resource Centre (www.tc.gc.ca/eng/programs/environment-utsp-tdmresources-1051.htm) by Transport Canada contains general information on TDM and numerous case studies.

Travel Matters (www.travelmatters.org) provides interactive emission calculators and maps.

TravelWise Website (www.travelwise.org.uk) provides advice and resources for TravelWise, Safe Routes and Travel Plan professionals.

TRIMMS (Trip Reduction Impacts of Mobility Management Strategies) Model, developed by the University of South Florida (www.nctr.usf.edu) evaluates the travel impacts, benefits and costs of various commute trip reduction programs and other mobility management strategies; at www.nctr.usf.edu/abstracts/abs77704.htm.

TTI (2005), Urban Mobility Study, Texas Transportation Institute (http://mobility.tamu.edu/ums),

USDOT (2003), Economic Analysis Primer, Office of Asset Management, FHWA, USDOT (www.fhwa.dot.gov/infrastructure/asstmgmt/primer.pdf).

USEPA (2004), Transportation Control Measures Program Information Directory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (http://yosemite.epa.gov/aa/tcmsitei.nsf).

USEPA (2005), Commuter Model, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (www.epa.gov/oms/stateresources/policy/pag_transp.htm).

VTPI (2006), Online TDM Encyclopedia, Victoria Transport Policy Institute (www.vtpi.org/tdm).

Glen Weisbrod (2000), Current Practices for Assessing Economic Development Impacts from Transportation, NCHRP Synthesis 290, TRB, (www.trb.org).

Phil L. Winters and Sara J. Hendricks (2003), Quantifying The Business Benefits of TDM, Center for Urban Transportation Research (www.nctr.usf.edu/html/416-11.htm).

Phil Winters, Vevin Labib Georggi, Sachin Rai and Liren Zhou (2007), Impact of Employer- based Programs on Transit System Ridership and Transportation System Performance, Center for Urban Transportation Research (www.nctr.usf.edu); at www.nctr.usf.edu/pdf/77605.pdf.


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