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with a few from Kedah. The limited number of companies engaged in this study may raise a

concern on representativeness of the sample. Only 5 independents variables were selected to

be studied. Interpretation for this model has to be made with caution because there could be

other unknown factors contributing to the remaining unexplained percentage. These unknown

factors could be organizational characteristics and manager’s past experience. Future studies

may look into these factors.

Suggestions for Future Research

Future research in this area should also replicate this study, with an extension to all industrial

zones in all the states of Malaysia. Larger sample size and inclusion of all industries would

increase the external validity of these findings and may be used as a general guideline for

evaluating effective e-readiness strategy. As there are other factors that are not considered,

future studies should consider other factors, for example the business strategy, organizational

characteristics, managers past experience, and managers’ characteristics. Perhaps future study

should also focus on specific competencies, attributes and characteristics of the users in

relation to their roles. In addition, focusing on the technology-savvy culture as a variable will

be interesting to note too. Besides, other factors could also be employee’s past experience,

funding support to the SMEs, issues specific to a particular industry, maturity and incentives

in the usage of telecommunication infrastructures, political, legal and social.


The overall e-readiness suggests that SMEs in Northern Malaysia are ready to embark on the

e-business journey. However the readiness to adopt e-commerce and digital technology can

still be improved. The findings of the study also showed that in general infrastructure and

technology has impact on SMEs’ e-readiness. Top management commitment has the most


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