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U.S.,” said Kristian Steenstrup, research director at Gartner. E-business plays an

important role to help the company change the way of doing business. This would

enable the company to engage in communication flows with local and overseas client

and agents more cost effectively. E-business also improves processing and customer

response time through e-mail, EDI, intranet and etc.

  • Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, is more specific than e-business, it means that in addition to providing information to visitors about the company, its history, policies, products, and job opportunities, the company or site offers to transact or facilitate the selling of products and services online. (Kotler 2003). E- commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services electronically with computerized business transactions using the Internet, networks, and other digital technologies. (Laudon and Laudon 2005). E-commerce (EC) builds on the structures of traditional commerce by adding the flexibility offered by electronic networks. Existing research points out that EC can offer readily discerned benefits in comparison to traditional environments through reduced transaction costs and search costs, more competitive product prices (Bakos 1991) and improved transaction efficiency (Srinivasan, Kekre and Mukhopadhyay 1994; Lee and Clark 1996).

E-business and e-commerce takes place over four major Internet domains: B2C (business to

consumer) (Example: the use of e-business between an enterprise and a customer; e.g. a

customer orders a CD-ROM online from an online music store), B2B (business to business)

(Example: the use of e-business between two companies; e.g. a hospital pharmacy

electronically orders a drug from a pharmaceutical supplier who then orders it electronically

from a manufacturer), G2C (government to consumer) (Example: the use of e-business


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