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ZigBee Standard Solution

ZigBee is the only global wireless communications standard enabling the development of easily deployable low-cost, low-power monitoring and control products.

Control4 chose the ZigBee standard because it satises requirements for an aordable, retrottable, no-new-wires system that connects all devices within the home.

ZigBee was an excellent alternative. It is wireless, inexpensive to develop, install and purchase, used little power and had standard serial interfaces. It also had the great advantage of being an IEEE sanctioned standard.

  • Built on ZigBee mesh network, each Control4 device only uses an

8-bit microprocessor, which keeps development and retail costs low

  • Installation is easy and does not require any new wires; authorized deal-

ers are ready to install systems after a day’s training

  • The short transmission range within the mesh network keeps power

consumption rates low and its globally accepted frequency band enables Control4 to ship the ZigBee radios into all markets world wide

Real-time execution is crucial in home automation. Consumers expect the light to turn on or o instantaneously, not after the command has been processed.

"Control4 is a very demanding ZigBee user," Eric Smith, Control4 chief tech- nology officer, said. "The challenge with automation is that you need all the devices to communicate with each other - the light switch and the thermostat need to speak the same language."


As a member of the ZigBee Alliance, Control4 inuenced the current version of the ZigBee standard to meet its home automation needs. The value of the open standard is in its collaborative development environment, which fosters an ecosystem of interoperable devices.

Interoperability and integration of consumer electronics in the home is a barrier to adoption of home automation. The average U.S. household has 25 consumer electronics devices and adds or replaces devices regularly as new items are introduced or prices fall on popular items like flat-screen televisions.

With ZigBee certified products and wireless networks, Control4 is poised to readily install and integrate devices as consumers upgrade devices incremen- tally and fellow ZigBee members enrich the ZigBee-certied value chain.

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After a year on the market, Control4 products are available through custom installers and is rolling out in major electronics retailers like Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics, Circuit City, and Best Buy’s specialty Magnolia stores in California.


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