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Licensed for use solely by HUBNET users with a University at Buffalo or Erie County Medical Center affiliation,

Clinical Pharmacology offers up-to-date, peer-reviewed, clinically relevant information on all U.S. prescription drugs, herbal supplements, nutritional and over-the-counter products, including new and investigational drugs, with a complete array of tools – designed to boost your productivity and enhance patient care.

  • Monographs: detailed drug information including description, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, indications and dosage – including off-label uses – administration guidelines, contraindications / precautions, interactions, adverse reactions, classifications, full-color digital photos, chemical structures, and relative and total therapy costs. They also provide information on FDA classifications, FDA pregnancy categories, DEA schedules of controlled substances, banned substance status, and more.

  • Overviews: dozens of therapeutic drug classes, ranging from alpha-blockers to diuretics to vitamins, including history, mechanism of action, and distinguishing features and adverse reactions.

  • Search Capabilities: generic or brand name, indication, contraindication, adverse reaction or therapeutic classification. Conduct advanced searches, product identification, or drug comparisons using multiple search criteria.

  • Drug Comparisons: create customized tables to compare drugs by indications, contraindications, interactions, and adverse reactions.

Drug Interactions Report: instantly screen combinations of prescription drugs, OTC medications,

herbal supplements and grapefruit juice, enteral

nutritional products, and feedings and tobacco.

include lifestyle factors such as Run ingredient-specific checks

caffeine, food, alcohol, for multi-vitamins and

nutritional products against all other drug products. Check individual drugs within a class, interactions that appear against an entire class. Simultaneously assess interactions for an regimen and view interaction severity rankings at a glance to help make safe and informed decisions. Professional and Consumer level reports available.

as well as entire drug medication

Adverse Reactions Report: assess potential adverse reactions from any drug regimen – whether it is a prescription drug, an OTC product, or a supplement – that might be causing the problem.

IV Compatibility Report: checks the compatibility of two or more intravenous products and/or solutions when mixed in a solution or a syringe, or via Y-site administration. From a drug monograph, a link to IV compatibility data allows multiple IV products to be listed simultaneously, making IV checks quick and complete. Either the generic or brand name of the IV product may be used when generating the report.

Product Identification: quickly identify unknown drug products based on multiple physical

characteristics such as marking, color and shape. products.

Examine full-color digital images of actual drug

Searchable Product Information: NDC Number, Orange Book Rating, brand name, ingredients, complete physical description, preservatives, flavors, routes, strength, packages, classifications, manufacturer / distributor, formulation, DEA schedules, and drug patents.

Enhanced Product Comparison Utility: identify therapeutic equivalents and product comparisons using such factors as brand name, ingredient name, therapeutic or chemical classification and other criteria of clinical importance in product selection. Build tables by entering your own product criteria or select from pre-formed, commonly requested tables that compares all products of a particular type.

Patient Education: OBRA-compliant Drug Information Handouts, written in English or Spanish and specific to each dosage form for educating patients on medication safety providing clear visuals and basic care instructions to enhance patients' understanding of their medical condition(s) and to improve compliance.


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