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Job Stress among Software Professionals in Pakistan: A Factor Analytic Study - page 13 / 16





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the project deadlines are approaching nearer. Another reason of stress among the males is that they are more work overloaded as compared to their female counterparts.

The age group of 21 to 28 years has the highest stress as compared to their senior colleagues. The reason revealed through discussion with different professionals is that they are working for long hours, are fresh and energetic, and interested to work for longer hours in groups and friendship circles, usually formed when a project starts because they do not have much responsibility at their homes. This age group is also involved in pursuing further education, hence the added pressure of studies along with their jobs’.

The prominent segment, which reported the highest stress, is unmarried males in the age group of 25 to 28 years, and the probable reasons found through the discussion are: they are supposed to learn newer technology along with their daily job chores which puts a lot of pressure. They are more engaged in client interaction, and satisfying the client is considered the most difficult part in software projects. Also, most of the time, clients themselves are not clear about their requirements, hence, they do not freeze their requirements, which causes disruption and delays in the project and puts pressure on all other members working on the project. Therefore, it is concluded that the software professionals working in different software houses of Pakistan are experiencing moderate stress in their job.

The ten variables considered in this study contributing towards the job stress of software professionals do have equal weight and contribute differently, for example, family support and work culture have not much impact on our study, and hence these factors can be omitted or merged with other factors. Similarly, technical constraint and technical risk can be combined as one single factor. This will reduce some variables from the study and more prominent variables can emerge or the impact of other variables can be measured more precisely.

The performance of part of the stress can also be added to distinguish the stress and distress; this will also provide the impact of each variable on overall performance of the employee. It is also recommended that the scale should be reduced to one to five instead of one to seven, because the seven-point scale created difficulty in understanding the difference between two successive points, for example, having the stress of ‘less than moderate’ and ‘low stress’ more or less created the same meaning as discussed with software professionals. So having a clear understating and quantification of the precise words can create more meaningful results.


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