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employees to accommodate them in their daily work routines; while on the other hand, automation of business processes created a huge demand of software development within the organization and they faced difficulties to accomplish those demands. That puts pressure on the software development team within the organization. The in-house software development team faced two basic problems: first they had time constraints, i.e. developing more software modules in a short span of time, and second, changing technology and learning upcoming technological changes to accommodate in their processes. One successful model to overcome the situation was outsourcing of software development. Hence, software development emerged as a roaring business in the last two decades and good quality software professionals were in a greater demand. Developed countries adopted the business automation quite earlier as compared to under-developed countries. This created a huge demand of software developers and professionals in those countries, hence an immense brain drain was also observed. The outcome of this brain drain resulted in the form of an acute shortage of quality software professionals in local software houses. This shortage further pressurizes the existing professionals and developers working in different software houses in Pakistan. The situation has also produced many other types of pressures in the organizations and has resulted in the form of job stress, job dissatisfaction, employee burnout and other related issues of employee motivation, behaviour, and performance.

1.2Study Objective

This study is aimed at conducting a research survey on software professionals and developers associated to various software houses in Pakistan, in order to explore various factors causing stress among professionals assuming diverse roles in software houses.

1.3Significance of the Study

Software development is a growing industry in Pakistan. The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is putting a lot of efforts, for the last many years, towards the betterment of software developers and professionals associated to software houses. This study will not only help PSEB but also software houses and project managers to understand their work force.

1.4Research Methodology

The research is quantitative in nature and a tailored questionnaire, comprising of 70 questions, along with demographic factors, is designed and distributed in various software houses all over Pakistan to collect the primary data.

The population of this study comprises of all software professionals working in different software houses in Pakistan and includes programmers, developers, and project managers and quality assurance personnel.

A sample of 500 professionals was selected by using proportional allocation and the same questionnaire was sent to the selected software houses for all types of people working there. However, due to poor response and many reminders, only 217 forms were received by the deadline of the study, out of which 12 were incomplete, hence the sample size was reduced

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