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Part 4: Other EC Models and Applications

Online File W8.3 Typical Applications on YouTube

Inside YouTube

Users can submit videos in several common-file formats. YouTube automatically converts them to the H.263 variant of Flash Video and makes them available for online viewing. Flash Video is a popular video format among large hosting sites due to its wide compatibility.

Outside YouTube

Each video is accompanied by the full HTML markup for linking to it or embedding it within another page; a small addition to the markup for the latter will make the video play automatically when the page is accessed. These simple cut-and-paste options are popular particularly with users of social or networking sites. However, members of such sites have cited poor experiences where autoplaying embedded YouTube videos has slowed down page loading time or even caused browsers to crash.

Downloading Videos

YouTube itself does not make it easy to download and save videos for offline viewing or editing, but several third-party applications, browser extensions, and Web sites exist for that purpose.

Index Sites

As of 2006, many sites started to bloom while offering an index service, which arranges the content on YouTube through links arranged by order of seasons and episodes of a certain show. Some of the sites, such as TVLinks, NetworkOne Australia, and WikiRemote gather around them a rather large community of users. These users make requests and report bad links.

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