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Chapter Eight: Social Networks and Industry Disruptors in the Web 2.0 Environment



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ONLINE FILE W8.6 EC Application


Startups such as JotSpot (jot.com) are out to harness the power of wikis for businesses. JotSpot’s wiki-based software lets companies create wikis for business processes. Here are some end-user developments utilized by JotSpot’s customers:

  • Create an intranet. Publish company information, such as news or employee guidelines. See Sundai at watermelonworks.com.

  • Project management. Schedule project deadlines, assign tasks, and define product specifications. See Roxor Games at roxorgames.com.

  • Document collaboration. Multiple users author documents with the aid of version history and Microsoft Word integration. See Symantec (symantec.com) and Insider Pages (insiderpages.com).

  • Collaborate with virtual teams. Communicate with remote contractors or clients. See Wingate Studios (wingatestudios.com) and Unimedia (unimedia.org).

  • Track software bugs. Log defects and build custom queries. See Al Technology at altechnology.com.

  • Call center support. Access case histories and increase customer support. See Your Privacy Info at yourprivacy.info.

Opsware (opsware.com), a data center automation software vendor, has used JotSpot to create in just a

few hours applications that might have cost $50,000 to $100,000 to develop in Java. Opsware’s technical sales team uses one JotSpot wiki to manage information such as proposals and status reports associated with pilot projects for prospective customers. “It’s a very rich document management system,” says Jason Rosenthal, vice president of client services at Opsware. “It’s so quick and easy that a new user can learn to use it in 10 to 15 minutes.” The software also reduced the time it took the company to prepare for a proof of concept from 5 days to 3, Rosenthal claims, adding that wikis will revolu- tionize how companies share information internally. Says Rosenthal, “It’s easier for new users to do what it used to take a webmaster to do.”


  • 1.

    What is the difference between a traditional Web site and a wiki?

  • 2.

    How do wiki tools make end-user development more efficient and effective?

  • 3.

    Should end users be encouraged to develop their own applications? What are the advantages and dis- advantages of end-user development?

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