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DERA Heavy-Duty Truck Voucher Program

Truck Replacement


According to the California Code of Regulations (CCR), as of the calendar year 2010, to be a certified “Small Business” the following criteria must be met:

Article 3. Certification

Section 1896.12. Eligibility for Certification as a Small Business

  • a.

    To be eligible for certification as a small business, a business must meet all of the following qualifying criteria:

    • 1.

      It is independently owned and operated; and

    • 2.

      The principal office is located in California; and

    • 3.

      The officers of the business in the case of a corporation; officers and/or managers, or in the absence of officers and/or managers, all members in the case of a limited liability company; or the owner(s) in all other cases, are domiciled in California; and

    • 4.

      It is not dominant in its field of operation(s), and

    • 5.

      It is either:

      • A.

        A business that, together with all affiliates, has 100 or fewer employees, and annual gross receipts of fourteen million dollars ($14,000,000) or less as averaged for the previous three tax years, as adjusted by the Department pursuant to Government Code Section 14837(d)(3); or

      • B.

        A manufacturer as defined herein that, together with all affiliates, has 100 or fewer employees.


To assist applicants participating in the District’s incentive programs, the District has developed a Program Web Page. This page contains a list of certified dealerships that are contracted with the District to participate in this program. Additionally, this page contains links to the California Air Resources Board website where you can obtain a list of eligible engines, associated Executive Orders and other technical information.

When preparing an application, we ask that you utilize the information presented within the links on this page. By submitting complete application packets with accurate information, we can reduce the amount of time and resources necessary to process your application.

The Applicant Resource Web Page can be found at www.valleyair.org under the “Grants and Incentives” tab.

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