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Properly maintain the replacement truck in good operating condition and according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Provide a copy of the ARB Executive Order (EO), including all attachments, documenting that the replacement truck engine meets or exceeds the 2007 emission standards.

Certify that there is no outstanding ARB equipment violations associated with the truck on application.

Not purchase or take possession of the replacement truck under funding consideration prior to the issue of a voucher.

DERA Heavy-Duty Truck Voucher Program

  • Applicants may not take possession of the replacement truck or

towards the replacement truck prior to the issuance of a voucher.


Truck Replacement




Dealership participation is an important component of the Program. The dealers are responsible for providing assistance to the applicants with the application process. This also includes ensuring compliance with all program requirements. Dealerships participating in the Program are required to enter into an agreement with the District and meet the following qualifications and perform the following program requirements:


  • Dealership must enter into a contract with the District to be a participating dealership in the Program.

  • Dealership must provide documentation of a valid dealership license issued in California for a minimum of the last two years.

  • Dealership must maintain a minimum of one (1) employee that has successfully completed the training by the District regarding the terms, conditions and requirements of the Program.

    • If a participating dealership has more than one location for truck sales, then each location must

have at least one employee trained on the Program. DEALERSHIP PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS

  • Dealership agrees to allow the District to inspect trucks or audit program records covered under this program.

  • Dealership must provide accurate information about the Program to the applicants.

  • Dealership must help applicants complete the Program application package.

    • It is important to make sure that all information is filled out correctly and that the applicant understands the Program requirements.

  • Dealership must show the voucher amount on the replacement truck invoice.

    • The voucher is an incentive to the truck owner that will result in a lower price paid by the applicant. It does not reduce the purchase price of the truck.

    • The receipt of voucher funds does not lower the base price of the truck or reduce the tax basis of the truck.

  • Dealership must conduct inspections on the old truck and replacement truck as follows:

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