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I will conclude these notes on MS. Bibles with the following

colophon from a copy written in Italy in the fifteenth century:-

"Finito libro vivamus semper in Christo -

Si semper in Christo carebimus ultimo leto.

Explicit Deo gratias; Amen.  Stephanus de

Tantaldis scripsit in pergamo."

2.  The "Psalter" of the thirteenth century is usually to be

considered a forerunner of the "Book of Hours."  It always contains,

and usually commences with, a Calendar, in which are written against

certain days the "obits" of benefactors and others, so that a well-

filled Psalter often becomes a historical document of high value and

importance.  The first page of the psalms is ornamented with a huge

B, which often fills the whole page, and contains a representation

of David and Goliath ingeniously fitted to the shape of the letter.

At the end are usually to be found the hymns of the Three Children,

and others from the Bible together with the Te Deum; and sometimes,

in late examples, a litany.  In some psalters the calendar is at the

end.  These Psalters, and the Bibles described above, are very

frequently of English work; more frequently, that is, than the books

of Hours and Missals.  The study of the Scriptures was evidently

more popular in England than in the other countries of Europe during

the Middle Ages; and the early success of the Reformers here, must

in part, no doubt, be attributed to the wide circulation of the

Bible even before it had been translated from the Latin.  I need

hardly, perhaps, observe that even fragments of a Psalter, a

Testament, or a Bible in English, are so precious as to be

practically invaluable.

3.  We are indebted to Sir W. Tite for the following collation of a

Flemish "Book of Hours":-

1.  The Calendar.

2.  Gospels of the Nativity and the Resurrection.

3.  Preliminary Prayers (inserted occasionally).

4.  Horae--(Nocturns and Matins).

5.  (Lauds).

6.  (Prime).

7.  (Tierce).

8.  (Sexte).

9.  (None).

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