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10.  (Vespers).

11.  (Compline).

12.  The seven penitential Psalms

13.  The Litany.

14.  Hours of the Cross.

15.  Hours of the Holy Spirit.

16.  Office of the Dead.

17.  The Fifteen Joys of B. V. M.

18.  The seven requests to our Lord.

19.  Prayers and Suffrages to various Saints.

20.  Several prayers, petitions, and devotions.

This is an unusually full example, but the calendar, the hours, the

seven psalms, and the litany, are in almost all the MSS.  The buyer

must look carefully to see that no miniatures have been cut out; but

it is only by counting the leaves in their gatherings that he can

make sure.  This is often impossible without breaking the binding.

The most valuable "Horae" are those written in England.  Some are of

the English use (Sarum or York, or whatever it may happen to be),

but were written abroad, especially in Normandy, for the English

market.  These are also valuable, even when imperfect.  Look for the

page before the commencement of the Hours (No. 4 in the list above),

and at the end will be found a line in red,--"Incipit Horae secundum

usum Sarum," or otherwise, as the case may be.

4.  Missals do not often occur, and are not only very valuable but

very difficult to collate, unless furnished with catch-words or

signatures.  But no Missal is complete without the Canon of the

Mass, usually in the middle of the book, and if there are any

illuminations throughout the volume, there will be a full page

Crucifixion, facing the Canon.  Missals of large size and

completeness contain--(1) a Calendar; (2) "the proper of the

Season;" (3) the ordinary and Canon of the Mass; (4) the Communal of

Saints; (5) the proper of Saints and special occasions; (6) the

lessons, epistles, and gospels; with (7) some hymns, "proses," and

canticles.  This is Sir W. Tite's list; but, as he remarks, MS.

Missals seldom contain so much.  The collector will look for the

Canon, which is invariable.

Breviaries run to an immense length, and are seldom illuminated.  It

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