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collectors, alas! whose inclinations are not virtuous.  The most

famous of them, a Frenchman, observed that his own collection of bad

books was unique.  That of an English rival, he admitted, was

respectable,--"mais milord se livre a des autres preoccupations!"

He thought a collector's whole heart should be with his treasures.

En bouquinant se trouve grand soulas.

Soubent m'en vay musant, a petis pas,

Au long des quais, pour flairer maint bieux livre.

Des Elzevier la Sphere me rend yure,

Et la Sirene aussi m'esmeut.  Grand cas

Fais-je d'Estienne, Aide, ou Dolet.  Mais Ias!

Le vieux Caxton ne se rencontre pas,

Plus qu' agneau d'or parmi jetons de cuivre,

En bouquinant!

Pour tout plaisir que l'on goute icy-bas

La Grace a Dieu.  Mieux vaut, sans altercas,

Chasser bouquin:  Nul mal n'en peult s'ensuivre.

Dr sus au livre:  il est le grand appas.

Clair est le ciel.  Amis, qui veut me suivre

En bouquinant?

A. L.


Modern English book-illustration--to which the present chapter is

restricted -has no long or doubtful history, since to find its first

beginnings, it is needless to go farther back than the last quarter

of the eighteenth century.  Not that "illustrated" books of a

certain class were by any means unknown before that period.  On the

contrary, for many years previously, literature had boasted its

"sculptures" of be-wigged and be-laurelled "worthies," its

"prospects" and "land-skips," its phenomenal monsters and its

"curious antiques."  But, despite the couplet in the "Dunciad"

respecting books where

" . . .  the pictures for the page atone,

And Quarles is saved by beauties not his own;" -

illustrations, in which the designer attempted the actual

delineation of scenes or occurrences in the text, were certainly not

common when Pope wrote, nor were they for some time afterwards

either very numerous or very noteworthy.  There are Hogarth's

engravings to "Hudibras" and "Don Quixote;" there are the designs of

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