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reinsertion of the building into its immediate urban environment, work estimates, implementation planning.

This draft reconstruction proposal will need to be submitted to the World Heritage Centre for review by the Advisory Bodies, before there is any commitment to the overall approach or the execution project.

To respect the authentic character of the monument, in its different dimensions, this reconstruction must be based, following the prior in-depth study, on a rigorous approach aiming, on the one hand, at the conservation of the maximum amount of original parts still in place and at the restoration of the ancient structures, even degraded. On the other hand, for the reconstruction of the destroyed part, to seek as far as possible, in terms of external image and construction principles, to reemploy the recuperated ancient material in addition to using new material, in perfect conformity with the ancient methods, prior to the accident. The implementation of contemporary techniques and materials appears, nevertheless, to have been accepted, even advisable, for the specific reinforcement of several initial points of structural weakness of the building (in particular the foundations), and for that purpose only. Nevertheless, it should be invisible on the exterior and the interior. The rehabilitation of works destroyed by the accident must furthermore be the opportunity for the whole mosque to benefit from an adequate restoration programme, responding to qualitative criteria and heritage principles applicable to a building of this type, major constitutive part of the property inscribed on the World Heritage List.

The World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies welcome the expert report and its conclusions. They still wish to receive regular reports of progress of the recommended measures and in particular the draft restoration / reconstruction proposal that should set out the overall principles and technical details, including an assessment of the remaining evidence, in order for an assessment to be made on its impact on the authenticty and Outstanding Universal Value of the property.

Draft Decision:

34 COM 7B.61

The World Heritage Committee,

  • 1.

    Having examined Document WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add,

  • 2.

    Deplores the collapse of the minaret of the Khnata Bent Bekkar Mosque at Meknes and

addresses its condolences to the families of the victims;

  • 3.

    Takes note of the report and the conclusions of the expert’s visit on 19 April 2010;

  • 4.

    Urges the State Party to undertake the measures recommended by this report, particularly the need to define a reconstruction proposal, including overall principles and technical details, for submission to the World Heritage Centre for evaluation by the Advisory Bodies, before any commitment has been made to the project, in line with paragraph 172 of the Operational Guidelines;


Encourages the State Party to submit a request for International Assistance to ensure that the Moroccan experts are accompanied by an international expert during the development of the restoration and reconstruction project and during its execution;

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 111

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