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    Medieval monuments: The State Party submitted a report on 13 churches in Appendix 7. Emergency measures should be taken to consolidate and restore 6 churches in order to resolve serious structural problems, capillary moisture and partial loss of mural paintings. Among the churches described in the report, the Church of the Assumption is the only one in use. Recent inappropriate works of construction and restoration of mural paintings have been conducted in this church without any agreement with the national authorities. On 19 November 2009, the Municipality of Nessebar informed the national authorities that an inventory of illegal works undertaken in violation of the Cultural Heritage Act has been created. Other churches are used as art galleries or museums. The State Party mentioned the lack of an appropriate approach in organizing exhibitions in those historic monuments.

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    Urban fabric and 19th century wooden houses: The State Party’s report did not mention the condition of 19th century wooden houses and structures, but included in Appendix 9 a complete description and photos of 132 illegal works carried out in the city despite the Cultural Heritage Act, which illustrate the lack of an appropriate approach to the preservation of authentic urban fabric and to the integrity of the property. The State Party provided a detailed list of proposals to regulate interventions (including urban equipment and commercial activities), as well as measures necessary to preserve the authenticity of the city’s urban fabric and its visual integrity.Legal documents and management

The State Party’s report provided detailed information on statutory acts, directives and regulations in force in Appendices 1-5, such as the 2009 Cultural Heritage Act, 2001 Territorial Planning Act, 2008 Black Sea Coastline Area Planning Act, 1986 Directive “Plan- Concept” for the monuments, 1981 Building Development and Regulation Plan, and the 1991 Building Development and Regulation Plan of the Archaeological and Architectural Reserve of Nessebar.

However, the State Party highlighted in the main part of the report, the limited financial and human resources available, as well as the lack of regional structures, appropriate management system and legal framework specifically focused on the protection of the Ancient City of Nessebar as a World Heritage property (such as an updated strategy for protection of the World Heritage property, a programme for tourism development, protection and management plan and detailed protection area regimes for the Ancient City of Nessebar). A final Regulation and Development Plan for the Ancient City of Nessebar has not been adopted so far. The report mentioned that works were undertaken in violation of the Cultural Heritage Act and the Territorial Planning Act and the regulations of the Municipality of Nessebar due to lack of the supervision at local level needed to avoid and prevent illegal interventions. In addition, the report highlights the crucial need to establish a dialogue between the national and local authorities concerned, and hold consultations with the owners and users.


Main factors affecting the property

The State Party reports that the main factors affecting the property are still:

    • Lack of conservation, restoration and consolidation of monuments and archaeological sites;

    • Uncontrolled urban development (demolition, reconstruction, illegal construction);

    • Visitor and tourism pressure;

    • Lack of a legal framework and management system;

    • Threats related to the environment pressure and climate (marine humidity and salinity, erosion of the coast, wind abrasive impact).

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    Activities undertaken by the national authorities for the protection of the property:

  • from 1960s to 1980s: conservation and restoration of the archaeological remains, the

medieval churches and most of the 19th century houses;

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 142

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