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vehicles to access the area, and adverse impacts on the integrity of the fabric of the historic city.

The repair and restoration of the Baroque fortifications is welcomed but the reinstated areas in front of them should be appropriate to their historic character and configuration.


New traffic proposals around Wenceslas Square (response to b) (i) and (ii) above)

The proposals for Wenceslas Square are considered potentially beneficial but depend on parking provision within the historic centre being discouraged as far as possible, and the physical downgrading of the ‘Eastern Highway’.


The Museum Mile proposal (response to b) (iii) above)

The concept of the “Museum Mile” is considered beneficial but the success of the concept depends fundamentally on physically downgrading the ‘Eastern Highway’.

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    Historic Railway Stations (response to b) (iv) above)

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      Development proposals for Maseryk Station should consider its historic role and seek to retain links, physically and conceptually, with the railway network, via the railway museum;

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      The current proposal for Vysehrad Station shown in the concept plan and visualisation on p.15 of the 2010 mission report indicates that the proposed flanking buildings are too high in relation to the historic station building. In general they should not exceed the height of the roof ridge of the side wings of the historic building in order to achieve compositional harmony.

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      The historic concourse of Central Station should be reconnected with the city through the downgrading of the ‘Eastern Highway’;

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      Development of and around Zizkov Station should preserve, and enhance, the skyline of Prague. However it is essential that the World Heritage Centre be kept informed about emerging development proposals.

  • e)

    Charles Bridge (response to b) (v) above)

While the initial work was inappropriate the current approach is greatly improved. Future work should be based on adequate documentation, appropriate standards and techniques, and subject to regular monitoring.


Height controls (response to b) (vi) above)

It was noted by the January 2010 joint mission that the specific recommendation of the 2008 mission concerning new buildings on the Pankrac Plain not to exceed 60 to 70m in height, and the request by the Committee to that effect, has not so far been implemented. The high- rise limitations plan should be completed and adopted in accordance with the request by the 32nd session of the World Heritage Committee and the 2008 mission, in order to avoid possible further visual intrusion in the historic urban landscape of Prague.


Overall conservation of the property (response to b) (vii) above)

In addition to the information in the State Party’s report, the January 2010 joint monitoring mission provided information on a large development project near Wenceslas Square and the development flanking Vysehrad Station as indicative of the approach taken by developers within the World Heritage property. The former project involves enclosing the former riding house of the Baroque Savarin Palace within the atrium of the development, which spans across a complete block. Given that the Draft Management Plan 2009/2 (map no. 15) indicates at least eight localities within the World Heritage property where “a structure with a major impact on the Historic Centre of Prague is intended” and several others that either have planning permission or are under study for potential development, this is a matter for concern.

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 147

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