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Culture. Since the nomination file of the property did not contain proper topographic maps at the time of inscription, it is advisable, within the framework of the Retrospective Inventory process, to clarify which of the elements are included in the delimitation of the protected area and to properly identify the inscribed property and its buffer zone


Procedures and responsibilities concerning the establishment of urban building regulations

The report states that Law 1185 of 2008 and the Territorial Management Plan of Cartagena de Indias regulates interventions within the Historic Centre. At the local level, the institution in charge of the evaluation of interventions and the control of constructions is the Technical Committee of Historic and Cultural Heritage from the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena de Indias (IPCC), which is part of the municipality. Additional information was provided on the roles and responsibilities of these entities.

Regarding the finalization of the PEMP, the information submitted stated that the socialization of the report is pending as well as its adjustment with the municipality plans. It is foreseen the process will finalise in March 2010. A document entitled Historic Review of Cartagena, which has been prepared for the second phase of the PEMP, was attached and consists of descriptive information about the archaeological areas in the historic centre, as well as the assessments for urban analysis of the historic centre and its surroundings, public spaces, environmental conditions and a socio-economic description. The complete draft Plan was not submitted and its finalization has been pending since the reactive monitoring mission of 2006.

It was also indicated that a specific Management Plan for the other fortresses of the defence system will be drafted in coordination with the related institutions. The timeline previewed for drafting such plan was not included.

The importance of elaborating an integrated Management Plan for the entire property including all the relevant elements of the fortified system has to be underscored. The PEMP should not only include the Historic Centre and the surrounding area, but it should also take into account the fortified elements which are recognized for their heritage values and are part of one single property.


Updated information on the instruments for land use control, notably in the property, and policies to promote diversification of activities

According to the submitted information, the IPCC has developed a study regarding land use in the Historic Centre. Its results and the regulations included in the PEMP will converge in favour of the preservation of the housing use in the Historic Centre, to alleviate any negative impacts of the current touristic and commercial activities present in the area. The report did not provide further details on how this would be achieved.


Advancement of the integral study of the condition of the Fortifications' walls.

In 2008, the Ministry of Culture requested the elaboration of “Technical Studies for the Restoration of the walls placed between the Monument of the India Catalina and the Museum of Cartagena”. This was the first step for the comprehensive assessment study of the complete wall, and its results and conclusions were included in the report submitted by the State Party. The comprehensive analysis highlighted conservation issues including humidity and infiltrations on the wall; the weakening of structural components of the scarps due to the loss of mortar; higher tension efforts in certain areas (Torre del Reloj and San Antonio bastions); as well as drainage problems and floods due to the high tides. The study

recommended solving the construction problems related to hydraulic engineering, focused on the drainage system in order

structural consolidation and to recover the original levels

of the glacis and protection barriers

the original dimensions against vibrations and

of the wall. Other recommendations structural reinforcements in case of

include seismic

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 183

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