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Lack of a Risk Preparedness Plan.

Illustrative material http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/180

Current conservation issues

On 27 November 2009, the State Party submitted a state of conservation report on the occasion of the “Workshop on the preparation of the Retrospective Inventory and Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value (of the properties included on the World Heritage List) and an introduction to the Second Cycle of the Periodic Reporting for the Latin America and Caribbean Region” which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This report informed of actions taken as a follow-up to the 2006 Technical Visit by the UNESCO Havana Office and underlined urgent concerns to be addressed. The State Party was represented by the Director of the Institute for the Preservation of the National Heritage (ISPAN).

As stated in the above mentioned report, the National History Park – Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers has sufferered from a number of issues, including development pressures focusing on the City of Milot, extraction of materials from the site, large numbers of visitors, vandalism, deforestation and an overgrowth in vegetation. The site is also severely affected by natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, flooding and the hurricane impacts during the season which runs from June to November each year.

On 12 January 2010, the State Party witnessed a catastrophic earthquake which resulted in structural damages to the property. After the Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of an International Coordination Committee (ICC) for Haitian Culture on 16 February 2010 held at UNESCO Headquarters (Paris), discussions took place with the Ministry of Culture of Haiti, the Director of ISPAN and the Advisory Bodies to identify the following urgent actions to be undertaken at the site:

  • a)

    an assessment of damages and structural risk,

  • b)

    implementation of urgent conservation work,

  • c)

    finalization of conservation, management and risk preparedness plans.

The State Party is preparing an Emergency International Assistance request for the World Heritage property, and an Inter - institutional mission is being organized by the World Heritage Centre in close cooperation with the Advisory Bodies.

Draft Decision:

34 COM 7B.110

The World Heritage Committee,

  • 1.

    Having examined Document WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add,

  • 2.

    Expresses its deep regret at the devastation caused by the 12 January 2010 earthquake in Haiti and thanks the State Party for providing all elements and support necessary for carrying out the emergency mission in spite of the extreme difficulties being experienced;


Acknowledges the efforts of the Institute for the Preservation of the National Heritage (ISPAN) in establishing a close collaboration with the World Heritage Centre and the

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 186

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