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A report, including a description of the property and an analysis of the Historic Centre’s conservation concerns was received by the World Heritage Centre on 3 February 2010. The main concerns include the loss of built heritage (representing only 29.30% in 1998 versus a 51.32% calculated in previous reports); rapid changes in land use, tourism promotion and commercial activities, provoking a substantial reduction of residential use, an increase in the degradation of living conditions (76.56% of the houses have become slums), lack of heritage conservation consciousness and the need for awareness-raising programmes. Other problems that relate to the management and conservation of the property include the use of obsolete cartographic information and inventories, the changes in the urban landscape derived from illegal settlements, interventions that do not take into account the urban and architectural characteristics of the Historic Centre, loss of the traditional architectural typology due to inappropriate interventions, vehicular traffic, pollution; deficiencies in the solid waste management and a lack of an adequate tourism management plan. It was also emphasized that several political changes between 2007 and 2009 affected the implementation of the Master Plan.

In addition, the State Party submitted official information regarding the following projects:


Construction of the Marriot Hotel in the Monasterio de San Agustín

During 2009, the World Heritage Centre received multiple press reports, including information on denouncements from representatives of the Congress and civil society regarding the construction, by RIOJA S.A., of a Marriot Hotel within the Historic Centre of Cusco, more precisely in the Antiguo Monasterio de San Agustín, the first monastery in the City (dated from 1550).

The report indicated that during the approval process of the project, on 27 August 2008 (Dictamen Nº 458-CTCP-MC, Agenda 030-2008) the resolution approving the architectural project indicated that the execution project depended on the results of an archaeological prospection to be undertaken in the presence of National Institute of Culture (INC) archaeologists. A note recalling this condition should have been included in the construction licence; nevertheless according to a copy sent in the report it was not included. The project was definitively approved on 9 October 2008 (Dictamen 559-CTPCP-MC) and obtained construction licence N°154 the same month. In June 2009, the discovery of archaeological remains halted the construction in order to request the INC’s final evaluation and the Municipality’s new authorization. This last resolution (N° 047-09-GDUR-MPC) was appealed by RIOJA S.A. The Municipality declared the construction “partially paralyzed” as the archaeological remains were located in one specific section of construction and there was no need to halt the whole project. According to the report the monitoring of the archaeological works has been completed; however no reports have been received as yet.

As no precise technical and graphic information was submitted by the State Party, no assessment of the impacts project has been carried out at this point.

Civil society institutions have continued to express concern at the risk of damage to the colonial and archaeological heritage. The main concerns were related to the fact that the approval processes were not sufficiently accessible.

The INC sent official information on 1 March 2010 with the final court decision from the Public Ministry on the case of the Neighbours Association of the Historic Centre of Cusco and the Juridical Commission against Corruption and Social Defence against the INC and RIOJA SRL for the approval of the project of the Marriott Hotel. The court decided that no prosecutions should be made.


Enlargement of the Monastery Hotel, located in the ancient Beatario de las Nazarenas

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 198

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