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Factors affecting the property identified in previous reports

  • a)

    Need of formalization of the procedures to set up a Management Coordination Unit to implement the Strategic Plan;

  • b)

    Need of revision of the Master and Strategic Plans;

  • c)

    New development projects within the historic centre including urban transportation systems (cable car and Corredor Segregado) and interventions in historical buildings.

Illustrative material http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/500

Current conservation issues

The World Heritage Centre received the state of conservation of the property on 23 March 2010. The report provides information on the current state of the property, including conservation interventions at historic buildings, and information on other actions taken by the Municipality.

From 19 to 23 of January 2010, a joint World Heritage Centre/ICOMOS reactive monitoring mission was carried out at the property, as requested by the World Heritage Committee at its 33rd session (Seville, 2009). The mission report is available online at the following Web address: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/500


Management system

The report does not include specific information about the management system currently in place. It mentions agreements signed with other entities for the conservation and management of the property. For example, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima subscribed an agreement of inter-institutional cooperation with the National COPESCO Plan to implement signposts at the property, in accordance to the Strategic Plan, to provide information about the historic property and services. Also, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation have completed the Framework

Cooperation Agreement for Development to Lima - PROLIMA and promote consultation

strengthen the Office of and participation of civil

the Historical Centre society in processes

of of

urban renewal and improvement cooperation Protocol between the

of living Ministry

conditions at the Historic of Housing and Guidance

Centre of Lima. The in the territory of the

Government of Andalusia and the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima has also been signed promote policies for housing, architecture, territorial and urban planning and mapping.


The mission report states that the management and general condition of the Historic Centre has improved in the past years. It indicates that the protected area is physically and administratively divided by the Rimac River, situation that hinders an integrated approach for the Management of the entire property. It notes that decision-making processes for the property still lack clarity in regard to the role and responsibility of each of the involved entities and other stakeholders. There is a legally based approach rather than one based on consensus and advice from technical institutions is not included at all times, particularly in urban interventions. The mission considers that coordination between the National Institute of Culture, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and the Rimac Municipality needs to be enhanced to streamline planning and approval processes. It also notes that legislative and regulatory measures have to be carefully evaluated to identify potential gaps that can impact the outstanding universal value, authenticity and integrity of the property.


State of conservation of the property

The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima reports that priority has been given to urban and architectural infrastructure to guarantee the quality and condition of the urban entity and its population and to integrate the protection of heritage. It has developed a database to identify properties and risk. In 2009, the Special Technical Commission of Uninhabitable Declaration and the Determination of the Ruinous Condition or Hovel of the properties of Historic Centre

State of conservation of World Heritage properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

WHC-10/34.COM/7B.Add, p. 202

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