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G/C/W/508/Rev.2 Page 14

transshipment with respect to textile or apparel articles from a CBTPA beneficiary country, then the President shall deny all benefits under this chapter to such exporter, and any successor of such exporter, for a period of 2 years.

(ii) Penalties for countries

Whenever the President finds, based on sufficient evidence, that transshipment has occurred, the President shall request that the CBTPA beneficiary country or countries through whose territory the transshipment has occurred take all necessary and appropriate actions to prevent such transshipment.  If the President determines that a country is not taking such actions, the President shall reduce the quantities of textile and apparel articles that may be imported into the United States from such country by the quantity of the transshipped articles multiplied by 3, to the extent consistent with the obligations of the United States under the WTO.

(iii) Transshipment described

Transshipment within the meaning of this subparagraph has occurred when preferential treatment under subparagraph (B) has been claimed for a textile or apparel article on the basis of material false information concerning the country of origin, manufacture, processing, or assembly of the article or any of its components.  For purposes of this clause, false information is material if disclosure of the true information would mean or would have meant that the article is or was ineligible for preferential treatment under subparagraph (B).

(E) Bilateral emergency actions

(i) In general

The President may take bilateral emergency tariff actions of a kind described in section 4 of the Annex with respect to any apparel article imported from a CBTPA beneficiary country if the application of tariff treatment under subparagraph (B) to such article results in conditions that would be cause for the taking of such actions under such section 4 with respect to a like article described in the same 8-digit subheading of the HTS that is imported from Mexico.

(ii) Rules relating to bilateral emergency action

or purposes of applying bilateral emergency action under this subparagraph -

(I) the requirements of paragraph (5) of section 4 of the Annex (relating to providing compensation) shall not apply;

II) the term ''transition period'' in section 4 of the Annex shall have the meaning given that term in paragraph (5)(D) of this subsection; and

(III) the requirements to consult specified in section 4 of the Annex shall be treated as satisfied if the President requests consultations with the CBTPA beneficiary country in question and the country does not agree to consult within the time period specified under section 4.

(3) Transition period treatment of certain other articles originating in beneficiary countries

(A) Equivalent tariff treatment

(i) In general

Subject to clause (ii), the tariff treatment accorded at any time during the transition period to any article referred to in any of subparagraphs (B) through (F) of paragraph (1) that is a CBTPA originating good shall be identical to the tariff treatment that is accorded at such time under Annex 302.2 of the NAFTA to an article described in the same 8-digit subheading of the HTS that is a good of Mexico and is imported into the United States.

(ii) Exception

Clause (i) does not apply to any article accorded duty-free treatment under U.S. Note 2(b) to subchapter II of chapter 98 of the HTS.

(B) Relationship to subsection (h) duty reductions

If at any time during the transition period the rate of duty that would (but for action taken under subparagraph (A)(i) in regard to such period) apply with respect to any article under subsection (h) of this section is a rate of duty that is lower than the rate of duty resulting from such action, then such lower rate of duty shall be applied for the purposes of implementing such action.

(4) Customs procedures

(A) In general

(i) Regulations

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