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G/C/W/508/Rev.2 Page 15

Any importer that claims preferential treatment under paragraph (2) or (3) shall comply with customs procedures similar in all material respects to the requirements of Article 502(1) of the NAFTA as implemented pursuant to United States law, in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Secretary of the Treasury.

(ii) Determination

(I) In general

In order to qualify for the preferential treatment under paragraph (2) or (3) and for a Certificate of Origin to be valid with respect to any article for which such treatment is claimed, there shall be in effect a determination by the President that each country described in subclause (II) -

(aa) has implemented and follows; or

bb) is making substantial progress toward implementing and following, procedures and requirements similar in all material respects to the relevant procedures and requirements under chapter 5 of the NAFTA.

(II) Country described

A country is described in this subclause if it is a CBTPA beneficiary country -

(aa) from which the article is exported; or

(bb) in which materials used in the production of the article originate or in which the article or such materials undergo production that contributes to a claim that the article is eligible for preferential treatment under paragraph (2) or (3).

(B) Certificate of origin

The Certificate of Origin that otherwise would be required pursuant to the provisions of subparagraph (A) shall not be required in the case of an article imported under paragraph (2) or (3) if such Certificate of Origin would not be required under Article 503 of the NAFTA (as implemented pursuant to United States law), if the article were imported from Mexico.

(C) Report by USTR on cooperation of other countries concerning circumvention

The United States Commissioner of Customs shall conduct a study analyzing the extent to which each CBTPA beneficiary country -

(i) has cooperated fully with the United States, consistent with its domestic laws and procedures, in instances of circumvention or alleged circumvention of existing quotas on imports of textile and apparel goods, to establish necessary relevant facts in the places of import, export, and, where applicable, transshipment, including investigation of circumvention practices, exchanges of documents, correspondence, reports, and other relevant information, to the extent such information is available;

(ii) has taken appropriate measures, consistent with its domestic laws and procedures, against exporters and importers involved in instances of false declaration concerning fiber content, quantities, description, classification, or origin of textile and apparel goods; and

(iii) has penalized the individuals and entities involved in any such circumvention, consistent with its domestic laws and procedures, and has worked closely to seek the cooperation of any third country to prevent such circumvention from taking place in that third country.  The Trade Representative shall submit to Congress, not later than October 1, 2001, a report on the study conducted under this subparagraph.

(5) Definitions and special rules

For purposes of this subsection -

(A) Annex

The term ''the Annex'' means Annex 300-B of the NAFTA.

(B) CBTPA beneficiary country

The term ''CBTPA beneficiary country'' means any ''beneficiary country'', as defined in section 2702(a)(1)(A) of this title, which the President designates as a CBTPA beneficiary country, taking into account the criteria contained in subsections (b) and (c) of section 2702 of this title and other appropriate criteria, including the following:

(i) Whether the beneficiary country has demonstrated a commitment to -

(I) undertake its obligations under the WTO, including those agreements listed in section 3511(d) of this title, on or ahead of schedule; and

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