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G/C/W/508/Rev.2 Page 19

(D) whenever the President determines that because of changed circumstances such relief is no longer warranted.

(5) For purposes of this subsection, the term ''perishable product'' means -

(A) live plants and fresh cut flowers provided for in chapter 6 of the HTS;

(B) fresh or chilled vegetables provided for in headings 0701 through 0709 (except subheading 0709.52.00) and heading 0714 of the HTS;

(C) fresh fruit provided for in subheadings 0804.20 through 0810.90 (except citrons of subheading 0805.90.00, tamarinds and kiwi fruit of subheading 0810.90.20, and cashew apples, mameyes colorados, sapodillas, soursops and sweetsops of subheading 0810.90.40) of the HTS; and

(D) concentrated citrus fruit juice provided for in subheadings 2009.11.00, 2009.19.40, 2009.20.40, 2009.30.20, and 2009.30.60 of the HTS.

(g) Fees not affected by proclamation

No proclamation issued pursuant to this chapter shall affect fees imposed pursuant to section 624 of title 7.

(h) Duty reduction for certain leather-related products

(1) Subject to paragraph (2), the President shall proclaim reductions in the rates of duty on handbags, luggage, flat goods, work gloves, and leather wearing apparel that -

(A) are the product of any beneficiary country; and

(B) were not designated on August 5, 1983, as eligible articles for purposes of the generalized system of preferences under title V of the Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2461 et seq.).

(2) The reduction required under paragraph (1) in the rate of duty on any article shall -

(A) result in a rate that is equal to 80 percent of the rate of duty that applies to the article on December 31, 1991, except that, subject to the limitations in paragraph (3), the reduction may not exceed 2.5 percent ad valorem; and

(B) be implemented in 5 equal annual stages with the first one-fifth of the aggregate reduction in the rate of duty being applied to entries, or withdrawals from warehouse for consumption, of the article on or after January 1, 1992.

(3) The reduction required under this subsection with respect to the rate of duty on any article is in addition to any reduction in the rate of duty on that article that may be proclaimed by the President as being required or appropriate to carry out any trade agreement entered into under the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations; except that if the reduction so proclaimed -

(A) is less than 1.5 percent ad valorem, the aggregate of such proclaimed reduction and the reduction under this subsection may not exceed 3.5 percent ad valorem, or

(B) is 1.5 percent ad valorem or greater, the aggregate of such proclaimed reduction and the reduction under this subsection may not exceed the proclaimed reduction plus 1 percent ad valorem.

Sec. 2704. International Trade Commission reports on impact of Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Program

(a) Reporting requirement

(1) In general

The United States International Trade Commission (in this section referred to as the ''Commission'') shall submit to Congress and the President biennial reports regarding the economic impact of this chapter on United States industries and consumers and on the economy of the beneficiary countries.

(2) First report

The first report shall be submitted not later than September 30, 2001.

(3) Treatment of Puerto Rico, etc.

For purposes of this section, industries in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the insular possessions of the United States are considered to be United States industries.

(b) Requisite areas of Commission assessment

(1) Each report required under subsection (a) of this section shall include, but not be

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