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G/C/W/508/Rev.2 Page 46

by such producers, including by developing and maintaining the registry described in paragraph (2)(B)(i).

`(B) EXTENSION- The President may extend the period for compliance by Haiti under subparagraph (A) if the President--

`(i) determines that Haiti has made a good faith effort toward such compliance and has agreed to take additional steps to come into full compliance that are satisfactory to the President; and

`(ii) provides to the appropriate congressional committees, not later than 6 months after the last day of the 16-month period specified in subparagraph (A), and every 6 months thereafter, a report identifying the steps that Haiti has agreed to take to come into full compliance and the progress made over the preceding 6-month period in implementing such steps.


`(i) TERMINATION OF PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT- If, after making a certification under subparagraph (A), the President determines that Haiti is no longer meeting the requirements set forth in subparagraph (A), the President shall terminate the preferential treatment provided under subsection (b), unless the President determines, after consulting with the appropriate congressional committees, that meeting such requirements is not practicable because of extraordinary circumstances existing in Haiti when the determination is made.

`(ii) SUBSEQUENT COMPLIANCE- If the President, after terminating preferential treatment under clause (i), determines that Haiti is meeting the requirements set forth in subparagraph (A), the President shall reinstate the application of preferential treatment under subsection (b).


`(A) IN GENERAL- The requirement under this paragraph is that Haiti has established an independent Labor Ombudsman's Office within the national government that--

`(i) reports directly to the President of Haiti;

`(ii) is headed by a Labor Ombudsman chosen by the President of Haiti, in consultation with Haitian labor unions and industry associations; and

`(iii) is vested with the authority to perform the functions described in subparagraph (B).

`(B) FUNCTIONS- The functions of the Labor Ombudsman's Office shall include--

`(i) developing and maintaining a registry of producers of articles for which duty-free treatment may be requested under subsection (b), and developing, in consultation and coordination with any other appropriate officials of the Government of Haiti, a system to ensure participation by such producers in the TAICNAR Program described in paragraph (3);

`(ii) overseeing the implementation of the TAICNAR Program described in paragraph (3);

`(iii) receiving and investigating comments from any interested party regarding the conditions described in paragraph (3)(B) in facilities of producers listed in the registry described in clause (i) and, where appropriate, referring such comments or the result of such investigations to the appropriate Haitian authorities, or to the

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