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Chapter 3

IP Multicast in a Wireless LAN

IP Multicast WLAN Configuration

Following is the configuration for ROUTER.

interface FastEthernet 0/1 description Local LAN in Remote Site ip address ip pim sparse-mode ip multicast boundary IPMC-BRIDGE

Enables PIM on the interface. Boundary refers to named ACL “IPMC-BRIDGE.”

ip access-list standard IPMC-BRIDGE permit

Permits low-rate stream (

Verification and Testing

To ensure that the multicast boundary feature is working properly, use the following commands: show ip mroute active debug ip igmp debug ip igmp

The following examples show how to test the controls that have been implemented. In these examples, the PC joins the (low-rate IP/TV stream); the wireless clients and P2P WLAN should be able to access the stream. Then the PC attempts to join the disallowed group (high-rate IP/TV stream); no IGMP joins and no multicast traffic for that group should be allowed.

A deny and log clause have been added to the access lists to show basic permit and deny messages.

ip access-list standard acl



any log


Test 1: WLAN with AP

To test the WLAN with AP deployment, do the following:

Step 1

Ensure that there are no active multicast streams.

L3-SWITCH#show ip mroute active Active IP Multicast Sources - sending >= 4 kbps L3-SWITCH#

Step 2

On the PC, open the IP/TV viewer and request the program associated with the group.

The following ACL console message should appear on L3-SWITCH showing that the traffic was permitted (number of packets may vary):

5w1d: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGS: list IPMC-WLAN permitted 7 packets

Step 3

Issue the show ip mroute active command on L3-SWITCH to see the active multicast stream. The result is an active multicast stream for group being sourced from the IP/TV server with a rate of 100 kbps.

L3-SWITCH#show ip mroute active Active IP Multicast Sources - sending >= 4 kbps

Cisco AVVID Network Infrastructure IP Multicast Design



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