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O2 ActiveTM menu

This section takes a quick look at the contents of the O2 Active menu on your Xda IIi.

Online content in Ireland may vary.


Messaging Take control and communicate! Take a picture and send it as a postcard to someone’s home address. Set up your Xda IIi for Internet Email. Even record a short video clip and send it direct to someone’s mobile phone*. Email, text, pictures and even sound clips – it’s amazing what you can do.

Messaging links you to:

  • Inbox

  • Email Setup

  • Text

  • Multimedia

  • Photocards

  • Call Voicemail

  • MSN Messenger

Phone Tap once, and you’re into the phone application to make a call. Tap out someone’s number on the keypad, or use a number from your Contact list and then press the Green call key.

  • *

    Playback depends on phone model.

Internet Surf the same full colour Internet you can at home. Or connect to our unique O2 Active WAP service to discover news, games, sports and other short, to the point pieces of information. Just one tap and you are connected.

Internet links you to:

  • Internet

  • O2 Active WAP

Media Centre Download short video clips from our unique O2 Active mobile video service, covering sports, fashion, entertainment or even just the news. Discover the world of mobile music with the O2 Music Player on your Xda IIi. Search, preview, download and play the latest full length music tracks wherever you are.**

Media Centre links you to:

  • O2 Music

  • Media Player

  • Video downloads

  • Album

  • Games

O2 Active menu

News Single tap access directly to the latest news content via the Internet.

Tools Customise how you use your Xda IIi. Use Profiles and Connections to choose flight mode, meeting mode or even silent mode. The Hotspot directory gives you the latest list of O2 Wireless LAN hotspots.**

Tools links you to:

  • O2 Hotspot Directory

  • Email Setup

  • Task Manager

  • Backup/Restore

  • View

  • Active Update

  • Power Save

  • Assign Buttons

  • Profiles and Connections

** Subject to network coverage.


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