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Help and troubleshooting

Help online

Frequently asked questions

If you need technical assistance with your Xda IIi send us an email to:

o2datasupport@o2.com support@o2.ie We aim to provide a response within 24 hours.

Talk to us

You can call your Service Provider to answer your Xda IIi questions. Your Service Provider’s number is printed on your monthly bill. It is likely for more technical Xda IIi queries you will be transferred to O2’s specialist Xda IIi support service.

If you are a corporate customer we suggest that you contact your internal help desk for advice on your company’s Xda IIi support process.

How can I prevent my Xda IIi buttons being pressed while the device is in my bag? Xda IIi supports a feature called Key Lock, which will disable all button presses except for the power button. To enable Button Lock, select Start > Settings > System > Button Lock, then select Lock all buttons except Power button. This will disable all button presses when the device screen is off. When you press the power button (or receive an incoming call), all buttons will work again.

Can I receive phone calls while downloading content on the Xda IIi? When using Wireless LAN you will be able to make and receive phone calls. You will not be able to make or receive phone calls while actively downloading web pages or email from the Internet via GPRS. Your incoming call will be forwarded as per your phone settings (under services). While the connection is idle (i.e. no data is being transferred), you can make and receive phone calls.

How can I use conference facilities with my Xda IIi? Using O2 Group Conferencing, you can have a conversation with up to 19 other people. Call 2244 from your Xda IIi and select Option 4 to speak to an operator, who will set up the facility for you, and visit www.o2.co.uk/conferencing for more details. For information on Group Conferencing in Ireland, please visit www.o2.ie/business

Download the latest software for your Xda IIi by visiting www.o2.co.uk/xda 17

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