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What are the supported maximum speeds of GPRS? Xda IIi supports up to maximum download speeds of 53 Kbps, and maximum upload speeds to 26 Kbps.

How do I turn off the phone and go into PDA mode? Tap the antenna icon next to the speaker symbol at the top of the screen and select Turn on flight mode.

How can I display my own number on my Xda IIi? Go to Start > Programs > SIM Manager > Tools > List of Own Numbers. Tap number 1 in the list. Enter your name and mobile number in the fields provided. Click Change. Click OK to exit. Now do a soft reset. Now when you go into Phone > Tools > Options, you will see your mobile number.

When I’m abroad, I see a black triangle sign at the top of the screen. The black triangle means that you are roaming on a foreign network (such as SFR in France and Omnitel in Italy).

How can I set up a shortcut in my Xda lls main menu? From the main menu select Tools > My Shortcuts > Add New >. From here browse to an exe file and double tap it to create the shortcut (single tap won’t work).

Can I set up my POP3 email so it automatically checks and downloads at set intervals? Yes. Once your email account is set up on the Xda IIi then follow this process to set up automatic checks for new emails. From the main menu select Messaging > Inbox Tap Tools > Options > Accounts > tap on your email account. Tap Next three times. Tap Options. Tick Connect and check for messages every. In the box below this you can set the interval time you want to auto check your mail – or leave it set to the default of 15 mins. Tap Next twice and then Finish.

How do I delete POP3 email from the server? By default, Pocket PC devices will only pull a COPY of the emails from the POP3 server. To be able to delete them from the server, you need to change a setting. Go to Inbox > Tools > Options > Message. From the Empty Deleted Items drop-down box, choose Immediately.

18 – Download the latest software for your Xda IIi by visiting www.o2.co.uk/xda

Now when you delete emails on the Xda IIi (so they are in Deleted Items), and then Send/Receive again, the emails should delete from the email server. Note, this feature may not be supported by your Internet Service Provider.

How do I use the audio recording feature on my Xda IIi? There a two ways of recording on the Xda IIi. One will record in .pwi format which cannot be played in Windows Media Player. The other will record in .wav format which will play in Windows Media Player. Here is the method of recording in each:

To record in .pwi format – tap Start > Programs > Notes (or Phone > Notes button). Now tap the tape symbol and then the red dot to start recording in .pwi format.

To record in a .wav format – tap Start > Programs > Notes. Or tap Phone > Notes button > OK (you should now see the All folders bar at the top). Tap the tape symbol and then the red dot to start recording in .wav format.

Help and trouble shooting

Is it possible to create long audio recordings? Yes – you can save the recording onto an inserted SD memory card. This way you can record until the card is full. With a 128 MB SD card you can record approximately 90 minutes of voice conversation. Adjust the storage location for the recordings under Start > Notes > Tools > Options > Save to with the entry: Storage card (if available).


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