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  • 1.

    Insert your SIM card

    • Remove the rear cover by pressing the button near the bottom of the Xda IIi and pulling the cover downwards

    • Open the SIM reader by pushing the beige tab to the right

    • Insert the SIM into the SIM reader door so that the gold contacts face down. Ensure that the SIM is inserted with the angled corner to the lower left hand side

Close the SIM reader door and lock it by sliding the tab to the left.

Please note Do not force any of the SIM reader components, as this may cause damage. If the SIM is inserted correctly, little physical force will be required.

  • 2.

    Insert the battery, fit the rear cover

    • Carefully insert the battery correctly so that the gold contacts meet

    • Lock the battery into place by sliding the red catch into place

  • Replace the rear cover

3. Fully charge the battery

The battery must be fully charged before you use your Xda IIi for the first time.

  • To charge the battery, insert the AC adaptor into the back of the cradle and connect to an external power source. Then place your Xda IIi in the cradle

  • An amber light indicates charging and green light fully charged. Wait until your Xda IIi is fully charged. This will take approximately 3 hours

  • A spare battery can also be charged in the cradle separately from your Xda IIi

Please note

  • Remembering to charge your battery is extremely important as in the event that all power is lost all your data and any new programs you have installed will be erased. Only the default programs installed when you bought the device will remain

  • Using your Xda IIi whilst charging will significantly increase charging time

  • 4.

    Turn on, first time setup

    • Switch on your Xda IIi by pressing the power button

    • You will be presented with a welcome screen which will prompt you to Tap the screen to setup your Pocket PC. Do this and follow the on-screen instructions

    • You will be presented with a screen that allows you to choose from Personal or Corporate setup

Personal setup gives you the fully featured Xda IIi experience including the O2 ActiveTM menu. Corporate setup gives you Xda IIi without the O2 Active menu, allowing you to customise connection settings for your business – you should talk to your IT Manager before choosing this option.

Next you can choose the connection settings to use in your Xda IIi.

  • Simply tap Finish to complete your setup. Please ensure that you choose the correct country, otherwise your Xda IIi will not work properly

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