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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Abbott, Carl Abbott, Martin Abbott, Richard H. Abernethy, Thomas Perkins Adams, Charles M. Adams, E. M. Adams, E. M.

New Urban America, The Freedmen's Bureau in South Carolina, 1865-1872, The Republican Party in the South, 1855-1877, The From Frontier to Plantation in Tennessee Randall Jarrell Philosophy and the Modern Mind Ethical Naturalism and the Modern World-View

Adams, E. M., editor Adams, J. Stacy Adams, Stephen B. Adams, Timothy Dow Adas, Michael Adkins, Dorothy C., and Samuel B. Lyerly Agard, Walter R. Agresto, John, and Peter Riesenberg, editors Albright, Frank P. Alderman, E. H. Alexander, Michael Van Cleave Allen, Craig Allen, John D.

Categorial Analysis Interviewing Procedures Mr. Kaiser Goes to Washington Telling Lies in Modern American Autobiography Prophets of Rebellion Factor Analysis of Reasoning Tests What Democracy Meant to the Greeks Humanist as Citizen, The Johann Ludwig Eberhardt and His Salem Clocks North Carolina Colonial Bar, The Charles I's Lord Treasurer Eisenhower and the Mass Media Philip Pendleton Cooke

Allen, Philip Schuyler Allport, Floyd Henry Almond, Gabriel A., editor Almond, Philip C. Ambler, Charles H. Ambler, Charles H. Ames, William E. Anders, Roger M. Anderson, George A. Anderson, Maxwell Anderson, R. Earle Andrews, Columbus Andrews, Mary E. Aptekar, Herbert Armstrong, John A. Armstrong, Paul B. Armstrong, Paul B.

Romanesque Lyric, The Institutional Behavior Struggle for Democracy in Germany, The Rudolf Otto Francis H. Pierpont George Washington and the West History of the "National Intelligencer," A Forging the Atomic Shield Bartlett Yancey Dramatist in America Liberia Administrative County Government in South Carolina Ethical Teaching of Paul, The Basic Concepts in Social Case Work Nations before Nationalism Conflicting Readings Phenomenology of Henry James, The

Arnett, Alex Mathews, and Walter Clinton Jackson

Story of North Carolina, The

Arnett, Ethel Stephens, and Walter Clinton Jackson Arnold, Morris S., Thomas A. Green, Sally A. Scully, and Stephen D. White (editors)

Ashby, Joe C. Asher, Ramona M. Ashmore, Harry S. Aswell, James R., and others of the Tennessee Writers' Project Athay, Robert E. Ausmus, Harry J. Avery, Laurence G., editor Aycock, William B. and Seymour W. Wurfel

Greensboro, North Carolina

On the Laws and Customs of England Organized Labor and the Mexican Revolution under L<ac>azaro C<ac>ardenas Women with Alcoholic Husbands Negro and the Schools, The

God Bless the Devil! Economics of Soviet Merchant-Shipping Policy Will Herberg Dramatist in America Military Law under the Uniform Code of Military Justice


Growth and Politics in Sunbelt Cities

A Study in Frontier Democracy A Bibliography

Selected Essays of Everett W. Hall on Philosophy, Value, Knowledge, and the Mind A Manual for Survey Interviewers The Rise of a Government Entrepreneur

Millenarian Protest Movements against the European Colonial Order

Sir Richard Weston, Earl of Portland (1577-1635) Peace, Prosperity, and Prime-Time TV

Studies in Its Background and Development from Petronius to the Cambridge Songs, 50- 1050; With renderings into English verse by Howard Mumford Jones Essays Toward a Re-Interpreting of Contemporary Social Organization

An Introduction to His Philosophical Theology Union War Governor of Virginia and Father of West Virginia

Excerpts from the Office Diary of Gordon E. Dean

Letters of Maxwell Anderson, 1912-1958 America'a African Friend

Variety and Validity in Interpretation

The County Seat of Guilford

Essays in Honor of Samuel E. Thorne

Ambivalence and the Trap of Codependency

Liars' Bench Tales

From Right to Right; Foreward by Martin E. Marty Letters of Maxwell Anderson, 1912-1958

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