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University of North Carolina Press Books Coming Back into Print in 2009



Harrison, Anthony H. Harrison, John M. Harrison, Nancy R. Harriss, Frances Latham, editor Hart, Freeman H. Hartley, Lodwick Hartley, Lodwick Hartley, Lodwick Hartog, Hendrik Harvey, Ray Forrest Harwell, Richard Hassler, William W., editor

Christina Rossetti in Context Man Who Made Nasby, David Ross Locke, The Jean Rhys and the Novel as Women's Text Lawson's History of North Carolina Valley of Virginia in the American Revolution, 1763-1789, The Laurence Sterne in the Twentieth Century William Cooper, the Continuing Revaluation William Cooper, Humanitarian Public Property and Private Power Jean Jacques Burlamaqui Confederate Music General to His Lady, The

Hathway, Marion, supervisor Hawley, Amos H., and Sara Mills Mazie, editors

Education for the Public Social Services Nonmetropolitan America in Transition

Haydon, Glen Hayner, Norman S. Hays, Brooks

Introduction to Musicology Hotel Life A Southern Moderate Speaks

Headley, John M., editor Heard, Alexander Heard, Alexander Hearn, Lafcadio Hedrick, Joan D. Heer, Clarence Henderson, Archibald Henderson, Archibald, Allan W. Hobbs, and John W. Lasley, Jr. Henderson, Archibald, editor Henderson, Dan Fenno Hennig, Helen Kohn Hennig, Helen Kohn Herman, Donald L. Herring, Harriet L. Herring, Harriet L. Herring, Harriet L. Hertz, Richard Hetherington, Hugh W. Hetherington, Hugh W. Hexner, Ervin Hexner, Ervin Hexner, Ervin Heyward, Duncan Clinch Hibbard, Addison, editor Hibbard, Carolina M. Hicks, Jack Higby, C. P.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Number 3 Costs of Democracy, The A Two-Party South? Chita Solitary Comrade Income and Wages in the South Campus of the First State University, The

Theory of Relativity, The Pioneering a People's Theater Foreign Enterprise in Japan Great South Carolinians of a Later Date Great South Carolinians Christian Democracy in Venezuela Passing of the Mill Village Southern Industry and Regional Development Welfare Work in Mill Villages Man on a Rock Cavalier of Old South Carolina Melville's Reviewers International Cartels International Steel Cartels, The Studies in Legal Terminology Seed from Madagascar Stories of the South Charles I and the Popish Plot In the Singer's Temple Present Status of Modern European History in the United States

Hilderbrand, Robert C. Hilfer, Anthony Channell Hill, Louise Biles

Power and the People Revolt from the Village, 1915-1930, The Joseph E. Brown and the Confederacy

Hill, Reuben, J. Mayone Stycos, and Kurt W. Bach Hilldrup, Robert Leroy

Family and Population Control, The Life and Times of Edmund Pendleton, The


An Essay and a Bibliography of Sternean Studies, 1900-1965 An Essay and a Bibliography of Cowperian Studies from 1895 to 1960

The Corporation of the City of New York in American Law, 1730-1870 A Liberal Tradition in American Constitutionalism

The Civil War Letters of William Dorsey Pender to Fanny Pender

A Report of the Study Committee of the American Association of Schols of Social Work

A Survey of the Fields, Systematic and Historical, of Musical Knowledge and Research

Proceedings of the Southeastern Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Summer, 1967

A Memory of Last Island; Introduction by Arlin Turner Jack London and His Work

Laws and Policies

From Colonial Days to the Confederate War

Revolution in a Southern Institution

The Story of Extra-Mill Activities in North Carolina

William Gilmore Simms's Captain Porgy British and American, 1846-1891

Old and New

Prose Fictions of Barthelme, Gaines, Brautigan, Piercy, Kesey, and Kosinski

Executive Management of Public Opinion in Foreign Affairs, 1897-1921; Supplementary Volumes to The Papers of Woodrow Wilson

A Peurto Rican Experiment in Social Change

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